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PAROLE  look up translate image
Release of a prisoner from imprisonment, but not from legal custody.
PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE  look up translate image
The promise of an accused person to the court that he or she will return to court when ordered to do so. The promise is given in exchange for release before and/or during his or her trial.
PLEA  look up translate image
A defendant's formal answer in court to the charge(s) that he or she is accused of committing.
PLEA AGREEMENT / PLEA NEGOTIATION  look up translate image
An agreement between the State and defendant wherein the defendant agrees to plead guilty under certain terms and conditions. Since both the State and the defendant risk losing should the case go to trial, plea agreements are a means of arriving at a reasonable disposition without the necessity of going to trial. In Missouri, the victim has the right to be made aware of the plea agreement and to comment on the offer. All plea agreements are subject to the judge's approval.
PLEA OF GUILTY  look up translate image
Admission of guilt in open court.
POSTCONVICTION PROCEEDINGS  look up translate image
Following conviction and direct appellate review, many states provide for procedures for postconviction review. Typically the grounds for relief under these proceedings are both limited and different from those on appeal from a conviction. For more information, see the Criminal Prosecution Procedure page.
PRE-SENTENCE INVESTIGATION (PSI)  look up translate image
The PSI is usually conducted by a probation officer after a plea or verdict of guilty. Done before sentencing to enable the judge to learn more about the defendant so that he or she is better able to impose a proper sentence. The PSI includes information about the defendant's criminal history and personal background. The individual conducting the PSI will contact the victim(s) of the crime to determine how he or she has been impacted by the defendant's actions.
PRELIMINARY HEARING  look up translate image
The hearing for a person charged with a felony before an associate circuit judge, wherein the State must establish that there is probable cause to believe that the accused committed the specific crime charged, and which may require witness testimony.
PRISON  look up translate image
State facilities where persons convicted of the commission of a felony are held. In Missouri, prisons are operated under the direction of the Missouri Department of Corrections.
PRO SE  look up translate image
When the defendant is not represented by counsel, as he or she has waived the right to counsel in a criminal proceeding, or is otherwise not represented in a civil proceeding.
PROBABLE CAUSE  look up translate image
Degree of proof needed to arrest.
PROBATION  look up translate image
Conditional freedom granted to an offender by the court after conviction or a guilty plea with requirements for the offender's behavior, and which any violation of such requirements may result in revocation of the probation. Supervision is usually by a probation officer.
PROSECUTOR  look up translate image
A lawyer employed by the government to represent the general public's interests in court proceedings against people accused of committing crimes.
PUBLIC DEFENDER  look up translate image
An attorney that is employed by a government agency to represent defendants who are unable to hire private counsel.
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