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ALL-SUITE  look up translate image
One or more bedrooms along with a living room area, which may or may not be closed off from the bedroom.
AMERICAN PLAN (AP)  look up translate image
Also known as 'full pension', this describes a type of hotel plan or room rate which includes the price of three meals daily added to the room rate
APARTMENT HOTEL  look up translate image
A type of accommodation or building designed similar to an apartment complex that follows the hotel style booking system. Consists of a living room, bedroom with in-suite cooking facilities.
APARTMENTS  look up translate image
A self-contained dwelling unit or suite of rooms with a living & dining room area. Usually houses a limited banquet area & meeting facility. Ample parking facility is mostly available.
AVAILABLE ROOMS (SUITES, BEDS)  look up translate image
The number of rooms available to guests for occupancy on a day-to-day basis, besides those available permanently for some use other than guest occupancy.
AVERAGE DAILY RATE (ADR)  look up translate image
Also known as average room rate, this refers to the total room revenue for a fixed period divided by the number of rooms occupied for that period of time. It is a commonly used statistical unit in the lodging industry.
BED AND BREAKFAST  look up translate image
An overnight lodging facility, where only breakfast is served. Other meals are usually not offered. It is also referred to as Continental Plan.
BOUTIQUE HOTEL  look up translate image
Intimate & luxurious hotels offering personalized accommodation and services. These themed hotels usually have not more than 30 guest rooms.
BUDGET/ECONOMY  look up translate image
Economic rates, may offer a good value. Comfortable & clean accommodations.
CASINO HOTEL  look up translate image
These usually describe a small hotel with a casino. May include enough modern amenities, convention space, banquet & meeting facilities and provision for valet parking.
CENTRAL RESERVATION SYSTEM (CRS/CRES)  look up translate image
Quite often used in conjunction with the Central Reservation Office, this is a computerized system used by a group of hotels. This enables guests to make reservation into different hotels through one agency.
COMPLIMENTARY ROOM  look up translate image
This is most often a room occupied by a hotel employee. No price is charged for such occupied guest rooms.
CONDO  look up translate image
A form of housing tenure where the guest units are individually owned with access to common facilities shared by owners jointly representing ownership of the complete property.
CONDOMINIUM HOTELS  look up translate image
These are basically buildings that serve as both condominium & hotel. The condominium units can either be used as a full-service vacation home or given on rent through the management company's rental program. The unit owners may then earn through revenue-sharing arrangement.
CONVENTION CENTRE  look up translate image
Very much similar to a Hotel Hi-Rise but with extended meeting & banquet facilities.
COUNTRY INN  look up translate image
A home away from home, these offer limited service with special antique decor. Provision for breakfast and dinner, but may lack modern amenities like phone and TV. Limited parking is available.
COUPLES ONLY  look up translate image
Guest rooms found in villas and resorts, meant for exclusive use by couples and no kids allowed.
CREDIT CARD COMMISSIONS  look up translate image
Refers to an amount or commission paid to the credit card companies on the basis of a contracted percentage of credit card charges accepted.
DELUXE  look up translate image
Property offers most of the same features as luxury hotel but may not be as grand as a luxury hotel. In most cases, offer satisfactory services but at much reasonable rates.
DELUXE (DLX)  look up translate image
These rooms are designed to look Deluxe in every way right from furnishings to view, size & location. However, there are certain hotels where a deluxe room is a lower categoryroom type than superior.
DESTINATION CLUBS  look up translate image
The latest addition to lodging options, this is very similar to country clubs in ownership structure. In return for an initial fees or annual due of quite an amount, the guests get to enjoy weeks of stay in multi-dollar villas & resorts, complete with services & amenities.
FACILITIES  look up translate image
Basic amenities offered like, restaurants, bars, accommodation and meeting rooms.
FIRST CLASS  look up translate image
A comfortable & dependable hotel with all basic amenities, standardized rooms & public areas. May often house an executive level or wing.
FIVE STAR HOTEL  look up translate image
A hotel rating representing the most expensive and luxury hotels/resorts of the world. These hotels/resorts may offer numerous extras like, golf course or private airport, just to enhance the quality of client's stay.
FOUR STAR HOTEL  look up translate image
Luxury class hotels which may be expensive by middle class standards. Besides the basic amenities, these may have luxury services like, health spa and massage.
FRANCHISE  look up translate image
A practice commonly prevalent in the fast food industry, this refers to the right to promote & market a product or service as permitted by the distributor, manufacturer or developer.
FREQUENT INDEPENDENT TRAVELER (FIT)  look up translate image
A term specially designated for people who travel on their own or travel independently instead of being a part of an organized group.
FRONT OFFICE  look up translate image
An office located right inside the main entrance of the hotel, usually in the lobby area. The main function of the office is to provide keys to guest rooms, maintain guest accounts & bills, receive payments, check mails& coordinate with other departments of the hotel.
GUEST ACCOUNT  look up translate image
Also referred as guest folio, guest bill or guest statement; this refers to an itemized record of the guest in terms of charges and credits. This is usually maintained in the hotels front office until the guest's departure.
GUEST AMENITIES  look up translate image
A term used in reference to the array of disposable products like, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, etc, provided in the guest room bathrooms. The cost of these products is built into the room rate.
GUEST CHECK (RESTAURANT)  look up translate image
TAlso referred to as restaurant check or waiter's check, this is a sort of invoice that is presented to bar patrons or restaurants for the food and beverage consumed during a guest's stay.
GUEST HISTORY  look up translate image
A permanent record maintained for every guest staying in the hotel, with the details of pertinent preferences along with a separate entry for each visit. Considered a valuable reference resource for reservations, credit departments & marketing.
GUEST HOUSE  look up translate image
A privately owned home used exclusively for guest accommodation & limited by legislation & residence constraints. Similar to bed & breakfast with breakfast rates included within the room rate. Not licensed to commercially provide alcoholic beverages.
GUEST SERVICE DIRECTORY  look up translate image
This is basically a documented list of all the salient features of a hotel along with pertinent & general information about the community location of the property. These directories are usually made available within each guest room.
HIGH (PEAK) SEASON / SHOULDER SEASON  look up translate image
A time lag between high & low seasons in the travel market, during which average room rates, optimum revenues and room/suite occupancy rates are generated.
HOTEL  look up translate image
An establishment providing short-term lodging facility on a paid basis. The rooms are provided with most modern facilities like, AC, bathrooms, TV, hairdryer, iron board, etc. Most of the hotels have provision for food & beverage all through the day but, some hotels may have it only for a specific period of the day. Besides these basic amenities, the hotels may also provide for a range of outdoor recreations.
HOTEL HI-RISE  look up translate image
A 5+ story building housing most modern amenities like, pool, dining room, coffee shop, gym, valet, laundry, banquet & meeting facility, but limited parking facility.
HOTEL LO-RISE  look up translate image
Also referred as a Motor Inn, this is similar to a Hotel Hi-Rise with a maximum of 5 stories. Have limited meeting & banquet facility but provide ample food service and parking facility.
HOTEL REPRESENTATIVE  look up translate image
A firm or an individual responsible for facilitating market accessibility to the hotel property by the travel trade.
INGRESS AND EGRESS  look up translate image
Ingress/Egress relates to the Civil Authority coverage part of the Business Income/EE forms. If one is unable to enter or exit by direction of civil authority.
INNKEEPERS STATUTES  look up translate image
Statutes that limit the common law liability of innkeepers.
INTELLIGENT HOTELS  look up translate image
These are the hotels that have replaced the age old traditional systems to develop technologically advanced & integrated systems, for effective communication in their hotels. This is done as a means of reducing their energy costs & increasing the comfort level of guests
JUNIOR SUITE (JRSTE)  look up translate image
A large room with a separate seating and sleeping area. Though a single room, at times it may have a small divider seperating the seating area from the area that has the bed.
LIMITED SERVICE FIRST CLASS  look up translate image
A property that offers complete first class quality services but has some limited services like, food, public areas & other facilities. Moderate sized properties offering complimentary breakfast & evening cocktails. Suited property for individual leisure & business travelers.
LIMITED SERVICE HOTELS  look up translate image
These refer to brand hotels having franchise memberships of recognized hotels, built without a restaurant within limited areas. These are usually located close to airport terminals, business & industrial parks
LOSS OF ATTRACTION  look up translate image
'Loss of Attraction' is considered under the Extra Expense & Business Income coverage form. For eg: If a hotel in Los Angeles is damaged due to fire & there are several other hotels in its vicinity, then all such hotels who have lost income due to reduction in tourism are entitled to Business Income claims. However, since the hotels have not suffered any direct damages to their property, their claims would fall under 'Loss of Attraction'. This is an uncommon coverage since it is most often difficult to discriminate between natural disaster and a disaster due to uninsured factors.
LOW (OFF-PEAK) SEASON  look up translate image
The consecutive months during which lowest room/suite occupancy, revenues and average room rates are generated.
LUXURY  look up translate image
Included under this category are some of world's top hotels. They are characterized as being expensive & elegant offering highest standard of accommodation & amenities.
M.O.D.  look up translate image
Manager On Duty
MINI BAR  look up translate image
A small private space serving as snack & beverage bar. The bar usually consists of a small refrigerator stocked with a range of beverages & snacks. This amenity often serves as a profitable substitute for room service.
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