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ALL-SUITE  look up translate image
One or more bedrooms along with a living room area, which may or may not be closed off from the bedroom.
AMERICAN PLAN (AP)  look up translate image
Also known as 'full pension', this describes a type of hotel plan or room rate which includes the price of three meals daily added to the room rate
APARTMENT HOTEL  look up translate image
A type of accommodation or building designed similar to an apartment complex that follows the hotel style booking system. Consists of a living room, bedroom with in-suite cooking facilities.
APARTMENTS  look up translate image
A self-contained dwelling unit or suite of rooms with a living & dining room area. Usually houses a limited banquet area & meeting facility. Ample parking facility is mostly available.
AVAILABLE ROOMS (SUITES, BEDS)  look up translate image
The number of rooms available to guests for occupancy on a day-to-day basis, besides those available permanently for some use other than guest occupancy.
AVERAGE DAILY RATE (ADR)  look up translate image
Also known as average room rate, this refers to the total room revenue for a fixed period divided by the number of rooms occupied for that period of time. It is a commonly used statistical unit in the lodging industry.
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