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CASINO HOTEL  look up translate image
These usually describe a small hotel with a casino. May include enough modern amenities, convention space, banquet & meeting facilities and provision for valet parking.
CENTRAL RESERVATION SYSTEM (CRS/CRES)  look up translate image
Quite often used in conjunction with the Central Reservation Office, this is a computerized system used by a group of hotels. This enables guests to make reservation into different hotels through one agency.
COMPLIMENTARY ROOM  look up translate image
This is most often a room occupied by a hotel employee. No price is charged for such occupied guest rooms.
CONDO  look up translate image
A form of housing tenure where the guest units are individually owned with access to common facilities shared by owners jointly representing ownership of the complete property.
CONDOMINIUM HOTELS  look up translate image
These are basically buildings that serve as both condominium & hotel. The condominium units can either be used as a full-service vacation home or given on rent through the management company's rental program. The unit owners may then earn through revenue-sharing arrangement.
CONVENTION CENTRE  look up translate image
Very much similar to a Hotel Hi-Rise but with extended meeting & banquet facilities.
COUNTRY INN  look up translate image
A home away from home, these offer limited service with special antique decor. Provision for breakfast and dinner, but may lack modern amenities like phone and TV. Limited parking is available.
COUPLES ONLY  look up translate image
Guest rooms found in villas and resorts, meant for exclusive use by couples and no kids allowed.
CREDIT CARD COMMISSIONS  look up translate image
Refers to an amount or commission paid to the credit card companies on the basis of a contracted percentage of credit card charges accepted.
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