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GUEST ACCOUNT  look up translate image
Also referred as guest folio, guest bill or guest statement; this refers to an itemized record of the guest in terms of charges and credits. This is usually maintained in the hotels front office until the guest's departure.
GUEST AMENITIES  look up translate image
A term used in reference to the array of disposable products like, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, etc, provided in the guest room bathrooms. The cost of these products is built into the room rate.
GUEST CHECK (RESTAURANT)  look up translate image
TAlso referred to as restaurant check or waiter's check, this is a sort of invoice that is presented to bar patrons or restaurants for the food and beverage consumed during a guest's stay.
GUEST HISTORY  look up translate image
A permanent record maintained for every guest staying in the hotel, with the details of pertinent preferences along with a separate entry for each visit. Considered a valuable reference resource for reservations, credit departments & marketing.
GUEST HOUSE  look up translate image
A privately owned home used exclusively for guest accommodation & limited by legislation & residence constraints. Similar to bed & breakfast with breakfast rates included within the room rate. Not licensed to commercially provide alcoholic beverages.
GUEST SERVICE DIRECTORY  look up translate image
This is basically a documented list of all the salient features of a hotel along with pertinent & general information about the community location of the property. These directories are usually made available within each guest room.
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