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LIMITED SERVICE FIRST CLASS  look up translate image
A property that offers complete first class quality services but has some limited services like, food, public areas & other facilities. Moderate sized properties offering complimentary breakfast & evening cocktails. Suited property for individual leisure & business travelers.
LIMITED SERVICE HOTELS  look up translate image
These refer to brand hotels having franchise memberships of recognized hotels, built without a restaurant within limited areas. These are usually located close to airport terminals, business & industrial parks
LOSS OF ATTRACTION  look up translate image
'Loss of Attraction' is considered under the Extra Expense & Business Income coverage form. For eg: If a hotel in Los Angeles is damaged due to fire & there are several other hotels in its vicinity, then all such hotels who have lost income due to reduction in tourism are entitled to Business Income claims. However, since the hotels have not suffered any direct damages to their property, their claims would fall under 'Loss of Attraction'. This is an uncommon coverage since it is most often difficult to discriminate between natural disaster and a disaster due to uninsured factors.
LOW (OFF-PEAK) SEASON  look up translate image
The consecutive months during which lowest room/suite occupancy, revenues and average room rates are generated.
LUXURY  look up translate image
Included under this category are some of world's top hotels. They are characterized as being expensive & elegant offering highest standard of accommodation & amenities.
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