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M.O.D.  look up translate image
Manager On Duty
MINI BAR  look up translate image
A small private space serving as snack & beverage bar. The bar usually consists of a small refrigerator stocked with a range of beverages & snacks. This amenity often serves as a profitable substitute for room service.
MODERATE (MOD)  look up translate image
A moderately better room type than standard, but definitely not deluxe. It may be with reference to the room size & type or may as well be for the room view & furnishings.
MODERATE FIRST CLASS  look up translate image
Similar to first class property, with simple & comfortable accommodation facility. May lack in some features like restaurant.
MOTEL  look up translate image
An overnight lodging establishment housing a series of rooms, offering no other amenities other than accommodation. Normally located along the roadside for easy access by automobile travelers.
MOTEL CASINO  look up translate image
Commonly found in cities like Las Vegas & Atlantic City, where gambling is the major attraction. These may not only have limited food & drink services but may even lack most of the modern facilities like, gym, pool, etc.
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