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RACK RATE  look up translate image
The full, undiscounted published room rate (price).
RANCH-STYLE  look up translate image
Most often located on the outskirts of cities, these are commonly found in United States, Canada & include all services & meals provided with your stay.
REGISTRATION CARD (REG. CARD)  look up translate image
A type of form for registering the guests, where they are required to fill their names, address, nationality, purpose of visit, mode of transportation, length of stay & method of payment. Also provided is a space for room rate, room number & signature.
RESORT  look up translate image
A place located in a scenic area meant for relaxation & recreation for visitors on vacation, where all the necessary entertainment & amenities are provided under one roof only.
RESORT COUNTRY  look up translate image
Similar to a resort with the exception of being located in a country instead of a city.
RESORT HOTELS & SPAS  look up translate image
A hotel set amongst pleasing & relaxed setting, catering especially to vacationers & tourists. Besides their location in natural tourism destinations, these hotels offer numerous amenities & recreational activities like, scuba diving, golf, tennis, etc.
REVENUE PER AVAILABLE ROOM (REVPAR)  look up translate image
REVPAR or Revenue Per Available Rooms is the key indicator of hotel performance & can be divided into 2 parts to reflect room rates & occupancy. This is an important tool for comparing the performance of companies having similar hotels. Revpar = occupancy (% of available rooms occupied) x average room rate per night
Trends in revpar are very important. Revpar can be used to compare companies but only if they have broadly similar hotels - i.e. similarly priced in similar locations. This is less unlikely than it may seem as most hotels companies give regional breakdowns of revpar and this can be compared.
ROOM BLOCK  look up translate image
Reserving a predetermined number of rooms in advance for group tour or conference use.
ROOM SERVICE  look up translate image
The provision or facility to serve food and drink and other necessary requirements to a hotel guest right in his hotel room.
RUN OF HOUSE (ROH)  look up translate image
A class or type of hotel room anywhere within the hotel, which is assigned to you at the time of checkin. The room however cannot be categorized as deluxe, superior or standard.
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