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SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES  look up translate image
A type of safe or private box, located in a supervised location or individual guest rooms, available for safekeeping the valuables of guests.
SHOULDER SEASON  look up translate image
The period between peak and low season.
SKI LODGE  look up translate image
Budget or luxury property accommodations, located usually on the mountains & ski hills. The amenities may vary depending largely on the accommodation class. Rates are usually high during peak ski season.
STANDARD (STD)  look up translate image
This category refers to the most basic roomtype that any hotel may offer, featuring basic furnishings & amenities. However, the standard room definition may differ according to the type of hotel.
STAR RATINGS  look up translate image

STUDIO (STU)  look up translate image
With the exception of an additional kitchenette and cooking facility, this is almost similar to a Junior Suite.
SUITE (STE)  look up translate image
A suite is a room type that has clearly defined living room and bedroom with a seperating door closing between them. At times, it may also refer to any hotel room with sofa in it.
SUPERIOR (SUP)  look up translate image
The definition may change as per its interpretation. Most often it refers to the room type superior to the standard room in terms of size & furnishings. However, at times it may also refer to the view or location of the room.
SUPERIOR TOURIST CLASS  look up translate image
Basically budget class property with some first class accommodations & services. Limited or non-existant public rooms, with often provision only for sleeping.
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