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ACCOMODATION UNIT  look up translate image
Fitted with cabins and catering facilities for offshore crews. Semisubmersible accommodation units are often called "Flotels".
ACT OF GOD  look up translate image
An accident due exclusively to natural causes which may not be provided against by human foresight.
ACTUAL CONTAINER GROSS WEIGHT  look up translate image
Total weight of a container including empty container, loose internal fittings and payload.
ACTUAL PAY LOAD  look up translate image
The actual weight of the pay load - the difference between the actual gross weight and the gross tare weight.
AD VALORUM  look up translate image
In proportion to value.
AD VALORUM RATE  look up translate image
A rate applied in proportion to the value. Applied to duties graduated according to the subject matter taxed.
ADMEASUREMENT  look up translate image
The confirmed or official dimensions of a ship.
ADR  look up translate image
European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, 1968.
AFT  look up translate image
In, near, or toward the stern of the vessel.
AGENCY FEE  look up translate image
A fee charged to the ship by the ship's agent, representing payment for services while the ship was in port. Sometimes called attendance fee.
AHT  look up translate image
Anchor-handling tug: moves anchors and tow drilling vessels, lighters and similar.
AHTS  look up translate image
Anchor-handling Tug/Supply. Combined supply and anchor-handling ship. Seismic ship: Conducts seismic surveys to map geological structures beneath the sea bed.
AIMS  look up translate image
American Institute of Merchant Shipping
ALIGNED DOCUMENTATION  look up translate image
A system devised by the ICC whereby all international trade documents are designed to a common standard, printed on A4 size paper with each item of information always appearing in the one location.
ALL CONTAINERSHIP  look up translate image
A vessel designed to carry containers only.
ALL HATCH SHIP  look up translate image
A vessel in which decks and tween decks consist of removable panels so the whole length of the holds are accessible from above.
ALLISION  look up translate image
The act if striking or collision of a moving vessel against a stationary object.
AMC  look up translate image
American Maritime Congress.
AMIDSHIPS  look up translate image
Generally speaking the word amidships means in the middle portion of a vessel.
ANSI  look up translate image
American National Standards Institute.
ARRIVAL NOTICE  look up translate image
A form of advice used to notify a consignee of cargo arrival. Synonyms: Consignee Notification
ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT  look up translate image
The document containing all particulars relating to the terms of agreement between the Master of the vessel and the crew. Sometimes called ship's articles, shipping articles.
ASBA  look up translate image
American Shipbrokers Association.
ASSIGNMENT  look up translate image
The documentary transfer of title to cargo.
ASTERN  look up translate image
A backward direction in the line of a vessel's fore and aft line; behind. If a vessel moves backwards it is said to move astern; opposite to ahead.
AT SEA  look up translate image
In marine insurance this phrase applies to a ship which is free from its moorings and ready to sail.
AWB  look up translate image
Air Waybill (AWB) or Air Consignment Note refers to a document of affreightment used to cover the movement of goods by air. The AWB has a tracking number which can be used to check the status of delivery, and current position of the shipment. The number consists of a three letter identifier issued by IATA and a 8 digit number, the last number being a check digit. The first 7 digits can be divided by 7 and the remainder will be the last digit. The first three copies are classified as originals. The...(more)
B/L  look up translate image
Bill Of Lading. A document by which the Master of a ship acknowledges having received in good order and condition (or the reverse) certain specified goods consigned to him by some particular shipper, and binds himself to deliver them in similar condition, unless the perils of the sea, fire or enemies prevent him, to the consignees of the shippers at the point of destination on their paying him the stipulated freight. A bill of lading specifies the name of the master, the port and destination of...(more)
B/N  look up translate image
Booking note
BACKFREIGHT  look up translate image
The owners of a ship are entitled to payment as freight for merchandise returned through the fault of either the consignees or the consignors. Such payment, which is over and above the normal freight, is called backfreight.
BACKHAUL  look up translate image
A deviation to move cargo on the return leg of a voyage for the purpose of minimizing ballast mileage and thereby reducing transportation costs.
BACKLETTER  look up translate image
Where a seller/shipper issues a 'letter of indemnity' in favour of the carrier in exchange for a clean bill of lading. May have only a limited value. Example: P & I problems.
BAF  look up translate image
Bunker Adjustment Factor. An adjustment factor representing variations in the price of bunker fuels, expressed as a plus/minus percentage which is applied to freight calculations. See also: CABAF Synonyms: CABAF
BAGGED CARGO  look up translate image
Various kinds of commodities usually packed in sacks or in bags, such as sugar, cement, milk powder, onion, grain, flour, etc.
BALE CAPACITY  look up translate image
Cubic capacity of a vessels holds to carry packaged dry cargo such as bales/pallets.
BALLAST  look up translate image
Heavy substances loaded by a vessel to improve stability, trimming, sea-keeping and to increase the immersion at the propeller. Sea water ballast is commonly loaded in most vessels in ballast tanks, positioned in compartments right at the bottom and in some cases on the sides, called wing tanks. On a tanker, ballast is seawater that is taken into the cargo tanks to submerge the vessel to a proper trim.
BALLAST BONUS  look up translate image
Compensation for relatively long ballast voyage.
BALLAST MOVEMENT  look up translate image
A voyage or voyage leg made without any paying cargo in a vessel's tanks. To maintain proper stability, trim, or draft, sea water is usually carried during such movements.
BALLAST TANK  look up translate image
Compartments at the bottom of a ship or on the sides which are filled with liquids for stability and to make the ship seaworthy. Any shipboard tank or compartment on a tanker normally used for carrying salt water ballast. When these compartments or tanks are not connected with the cargo system they are called segregated ballast tanks or systems.
BARE BOAT CHARTER  look up translate image
A charter in which the bare ship is chartered without crew; the charterer, for a stipulated sum taking over the vessel for a stated period of time, with a minimum of restrictions; the charterer appoints the master and the crew and pays all running expenses. See Demise Charter. Synonyms: Demise Charter
BAREBOAT CHARTER  look up translate image
Vessel contract where charterers take over all responsibility for the operation of the vessel and expenses for a certain period of time. Synonyms: Demise Charter
BARGE  look up translate image
Flat-bottomed boat designed to carry cargo on inland waterways,usually without engines or crew accommodations. Barges can be lashed together and either pushed or pulled by tugs, carrying cargo of 60,000 tons or more. Small barges for carrying cargo between ship and shore are known as lighters.
BARGE ABOARD CATAMARAN  look up translate image
A way of loading cargo into large barges and then in turn loading the barges into a ship.
BARGE CARRIERS  look up translate image
Ships designed to carry either barges or containers exclusively, or some variable number of barges and containers simultaneously. Currently this class includes two types of vessels, the LASH and the SEABEE.
BARGE FORWARDING  look up translate image
The off-loading of a container from a vessel to a barge for forwarding by river or canal.
BARGE SHIP  look up translate image
Ships which are designed to carry fully loaded barges. The barges are loaded to/from the ship in harbour without the need for berthing facilities. Loaded barges are towed between ship and shore.
BARRATRY  look up translate image
Any wrongful act committed by the master or crew of a vessel.
BASIC SERVICE PORT  look up translate image
Port areas freighted as though overseas ships called there.
BAY PLAN  look up translate image
Plan of a vessel showing the distribution of cargo weights throughout the vessel and the amount of ballast and fuel at departure conditions.
BBB  look up translate image
Before breaking bulk. Refers to freight payments that must be received before discharge of a vessel commences.
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