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"A" BRACE  look up translate image
A temporary brace shaped like the letter A used to hold a wall in place until another wall can be built. Normally only used in the beginning stages of wall framing.
ACOUSTICAL TILE  look up translate image
Special tile for walls and ceilings made of mineral,wood, vegetable fibers, cork, or metal. Its purpose is to control sound volume, while providing cover.
AH  look up translate image
Abreviation for Amp Hour
AIR DUCT  look up translate image
Pipes that carry warm air and cold air to rooms and back tofurnace or air conditioning system.
AMP-HOURS  look up translate image
A measure of the flow of current (in amperes) over one hour.
AMPERE  look up translate image
The rate of flow of electricity through electric wires.
ANCHOR  look up translate image
irons of special form used to connect timbers or masonry
ANCHOR BOLTS  look up translate image
bolts which fasten columns girders or other members toconcrete or masonry
ANODE  look up translate image
The positive pole or electrode of an electrolytic cell, vacuumtube, etc.
APRON  look up translate image
(1.) a plain or molded finish piece below the stool of a windowcovers the rough edges of plaster (2.) A paved area, such as the juncture of a driveway with the street or with a garage entrance.
ARGON  look up translate image
A colorless, odorless inert gas sometimes used in the spacesbetween the panes in energy efficient windows. This gas is used because it will
ATTIC  look up translate image
The usually unfinished space above a ceiling and below a roof.
ATTIC FAN  look up translate image
A fan mounted on an attic wall used to exhaust warm attic airto the outside.
ATTIC VENT  look up translate image
A passive or mechanical device used to ventilate an atticspace, primarily to reduce heat buildup and moisture condensation.
AUDIT (ENERGY)  look up translate image
The process of determining energy consumption, by varioustechniques, of a building or facility.
AUTOMATIC DAMPER  look up translate image
A device that cuts off the flow of hot or cold air toor from a room as controlled by a thermostat.
AWNING  look up translate image
An architectural element for shading windows and wall surfacesplaced on the exterior of a building; can be fixed or movable.
BACK FILL  look up translate image
The gravel or earth replaced in the space around a buildingwall after foundations are in place
BACKING  look up translate image
the bevel on the top edge of a hip rafter that allows theroofing board to fit the top of the rafter without leaving a triangular space between it and the lower side of the roof covering
BALLOON FRAME  look up translate image
the lightest and most economical form of construction Thestudding and corner posts are set up in continuous lengths from the first floor line or sill to the roof plate
BALLOON WALL  look up translate image
In carpentry terms any wall that is taller than a normal 8' or 9' wall such as a two-story foyer or stair opening. Another place these are usually used in modern carpentry are for a gable wall with a cathedral ceiling contained in that room.
BALUSTER  look up translate image
a small pillar or column used to support a rail
BALUSTRADE  look up translate image
a series of balusters connected by a rail generally used forporches balconies and such
BAND  look up translate image
a low flat molding
BARGE RAFTER  look up translate image
The fascia board on a gable end also known as a fly rafter. I've also heard people use this term when they nail a board down for a lay down valley as in roof framing.
BASE  look up translate image
the bottom of a column the finish of a room at the junction of thewalls and floor
BASE MOLDING  look up translate image
the molding on the top of a baseboard
BASEBOARD  look up translate image
A board along the floor against walls and partitions to hidgaps.
BAT  look up translate image
Insulation in the form of a blanket, rather than loose filling.
BATTEN CLEAT  look up translate image
a narrow strip of board fastening several pieces together
BATTEN DOOR  look up translate image
a door made of sheathing and reinforced with strips of boardnailed crosswise
BATTER BOARD  look up translate image
a temporary framework for locating the corners when layinga foundation
BATTER PILE  look up translate image
a pile driven at an angle to brace a structure againstlateral thrust
BD FT  look up translate image
board feet
BEAM  look up translate image
(1) One of the principal horizontal wood or steel members of abuilding.(2) an inclusive term for joists girders rafters and purlins
BEARING WALL  look up translate image
Any wall framing that carries a roof, ceiling, or floor load from above.
BED MOLDING  look up translate image
a molding used to cover the joint between the plancier andfrieze horizontal decorative band around the wall of a room also used as a base molding on heavy work andsometimes as a member of a cornice
BEDDING  look up translate image
a filling of mortar putty or other substance in order to securea firm bearing
BELT COURSE  look up translate image
a horizontal board across or around a building usually madeof a flat member and a molding
BENT  look up translate image
a single vertical framework consisting of horizontal and verticalmembers supporting the deck of a bridge or pier
BEVEL BOARD PITCH BOARD  look up translate image
a board used to lay out bevels in framing a roofor stairway
BIRD'S MOUTH  look up translate image
a cutout near the bottom of a rafter fits over the rafterplate
BIRDSMOUTH  look up translate image
The triangular shaped cutout that allows the rafter to sit on the top plate correctly the two cuts to form this are known as level and plumb cuts. Used in roof framing.
BLEEDING  look up translate image
the process of drawing air from water pipes or hydraulic lines
BLIND NAILING  look up translate image
driving nails so that the holes are concealed
BOARD  look up translate image
lumber less than 2 inches thick
BOARD FOOT  look up translate image
the equivalent of a board 1 foot square and 1 inch thick
BOARDING IN  look up translate image
the process of nailing boards on the outside studding of ahouse
BOLLARD  look up translate image
a steel or cast iron post to which large ships are tied
BOM  look up translate image
bill of materials
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