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R.O. ROUGH OPENING  look up translate image
A Carpentry term defining the opening left in a framed wall for a window or door, the window manufacturer will usually provide these for you. General rules of thumb for windows are 1/2" bigger than the windows actual measurements to provide for slight adjustments. Interior doors are 2" bigger than the call out on the door, an example would be 2/8=2/10, exterior doors need to be 2 & 1/2" bigger.
RABBET  look up translate image
a corner cut out of an edge of a piece of wood
RABBET JOINT  look up translate image
two pieces of timber rabbeted and fit together
RAFTER  look up translate image
The various framing members for the roof of a building.
RAFTERS  look up translate image
beams that slope from the ridge of a roof to the eaves makingthe main body of the roof's framework
RAIL  look up translate image
the horizontal members of a balustrade or panel work
RAKE  look up translate image
the trim of a building extending in an oblique line as rake dado ormolding
RAKE MOLDING  look up translate image
the cornice on the gable edge of a pitched roof the membersof which are made to fit those of the molding of the horizontal eaves
RAKED WALL  look up translate image
A sloping or angled wall. The top of the wall is angled to match the pitch of the roof. Used mainly in areas with vaulted, cathedral, or barrel ceilings.
RETURN  look up translate image
the continuation of a molding or finish of any kind in adifferent direction
RIDGE  look up translate image
The peak or uppermost portion of a sloped roof.
RISE  look up translate image
The distance that a single step, staircase, or rafter rises vertically.
RISER  look up translate image
the vertical board between two treads of a flight of stairs
RL  look up translate image
random length
RM  look up translate image
ROOF DECKING  look up translate image
the layer of wood or plywood applied directly to therafters under the shingles
ROOF RIDGE  look up translate image
The top horizontal member of a sloping roof, against whichthe upper ends of the rafters are fixed (the line at which the rafters meet at the apex of the roof).
ROOFING  look up translate image
the material put on a roof to make it weatherproof
ROUGH CARPENTRY  look up translate image
Defines the tasks normally performed by the framing carpenter, such as floor framing, wall framing, roof framing, window installation, and exterior door installation.
RUB JOINT  look up translate image
a glued joint made by carefully fitting the edges togetherspreading glue between them and rubbing the pieces back and forth until they adhere
RUBBLE  look up translate image
roughly broken quarry stone
RUBBLE MASONRY  look up translate image
uncut stone used for such things as rough workfoundations and backing run the horizontal length of a piece such as a rafter when it is in position
RUN  look up translate image
The horizontal distance covered by one step, set of steps, or a single rafter, normally half the width of the area covered by the roof.
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