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ACCESS POINTS  look up translate image
Designated areas and passageways that allow the public to reach a trail from adjacent streets or community facilities.
ACCESS TRAIL  look up translate image
A trail that connects the main trail to a road or another trail system.
ANORAK  look up translate image
An early model pack frame made of wood, bolts, and cotton webbing. Distinguished by unpadded web shoulder straps and lack of hip belt. {see hut and svea}
ASCENDER  look up translate image
The last member of a climbing party or line of hikers.
AZIMUTH  look up translate image
A respiratory problem attributed to long-term exposure to dry-season U.S. Forest Service roads.
BACKCOUNTRY  look up translate image
Area where there are no maintained roads or permanent buildings, only primitive roads and trails.
BACKPACKING  look up translate image
A hike which extends to at least one overnight stay where the essentials (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) for that stay are packed.
BALACLAVA  look up translate image
1. A triangular, three-stringed instrument used especially in Russia. Often played at base camp gatherings. 2. A rich pastry common to Greece and Turkey, often carried by European backpackers.
BEAR BAG  look up translate image
A camp game in which contestants attempt to hoist a heavy container of food onto a fragile tree limb without breaking the limb. The winner must place the bag a sufficient distance from both the trunk of the tree and the ground.
BIVOUAC (BIVY)  look up translate image
An overnight stay with little or no shelter.
BIVOUAC SACK (BIVY SACK)  look up translate image
A lightweight and waterproof bag that covers a sleeping bag.
BLAZE  look up translate image
In mythology and folklore, marks direction of trail by means of broken twigs, bread crumbs, etc.
BLAZES  look up translate image
A trail marker. May be in the form of colored tape, bark chipped in a pattern from a tree and painted, etc.
BLUFF  look up translate image
A steep headland, riverbank, or cliff.
BRIDLEWAY (BRIDLE PATH)  look up translate image
Designed and maintained primarily for equestrian use.
CACHE  look up translate image
A supply of food, tools, etc., usually buried or hidden.
CAGOULE  look up translate image
A night creature thought to inhabit rainy deciduous forests.
CAIRN  look up translate image
A constructed mound of rock located adjacent to a trail used to mark the trail route.
CAUSEWAY  look up translate image
Elevated section of trail contained by rock, usually in permanent or seasonally wet areas.
CHOCK  look up translate image
High-energy food supplement tablets, often carried as trail snacks. In rock-climbing, a soft, easily crumbled, light colored form of rock.
COMPASS  look up translate image
A device with the purpose is indicating direction.
CONTOUR LINES  look up translate image
See voyageur.
CRAMPON  look up translate image
Painful contraction of leg or foot muscles especially in cold weather.
DAY PACK  look up translate image
Smaller backpack used for day hikes to carry food, water, etc.
ECOSYSTEM  look up translate image
A system formed by the interaction of living organisms with their environment.
ENSOLITE  look up translate image
A small, lightweight, battery-operated lantern. Operates especially well in brightly lighted living rooms.
FLY  look up translate image
Ventilating device commonly installed in lower body garments.
FOOTPATH  look up translate image
A right of way in which the public has access by foot only.
GAITERS  look up translate image
A diminutive and affectionate term for genus Alligator. {regional colloquialism common to southern U.S.}
GIARDIA LAMBLIA  look up translate image
Protozoan occurring in backcountry water sources that causes an intestinal illness.
GLISSADE  look up translate image
A non-carbonated, unsweetened beverage made from berries of various wild plant. Developed in 1939 by the late Toxin Gliss (1909-1939).
GORP  look up translate image
See Svea.
GPS  look up translate image
Global Positioning System. By utilizing a device the size of a cell phone you're able to pinpoint your precise longitude, latitude and altitude (to an accuracy of about 30-200 feet.)
GUSSETED TONGUE  look up translate image
Painfully folded and cracked condition believed caused by excessive consumption of freeze-dried food.
HABITAT  look up translate image
An area that supports a plant or animal population because it supplies that organism's basic requirements of food, water, shelter, living space, and security.
HIKE  look up translate image
A leisurely walk lasting one day or less.
HIP BELT  look up translate image
A suspension device which, to relieve pressure on the shoulders, concentrates the entire pack weight on two one-inch diameter points on wearer's hipbones.
HUT  look up translate image
[from German hutte] A guttural cry traditionally uttered as the pack is hoisted from the ground. In folk medicine this is believed to be a preventative for hernia.
JUNCTION  look up translate image
Site where one trail meets another.
LATITUDE  look up translate image
A condition of lethargy and listlessness experienced by cold weather backpackers. Symptoms are most severe immediately preceding preparation of morning meal.
LEAVE NO TRACE (LNT)  look up translate image
Educational program designed to instill behaviors in the outdoors that leave minimum impact of human activities.
LOFT  look up translate image
A hypothesized physical phenomenon attributed to various arrangements of substances used as fillings in garments and especially sleeping bags. Widely considered as mythology.
LUG SOLE  look up translate image
Deterioration of foot tissue caused by prolonged wearing of non-breathable hiking boots in hot, dry conditions while carrying heavy loads.
MOLESKIN  look up translate image
A dermatological condition occurring principally in rainy climates and caused by continued wearing of wet clothing. {see svea}
MORAINE  look up translate image
A ridge or pile of boulders, stones, and other debris carried along and deposited by a glacier.
NORWEGIAN WELT  look up translate image
Localized swelling and abrasion of upper ankle or lower legs at boot-top level. {see Ome Daiber}
OME DAIBER  look up translate image
A general unit of measure used to indicate amount of leather seal in container, rate of exchange, quantity of liquid left in canteen, fuel remaining for stove, etc. Term derived from Ome Sven Daiber of Norway, first hiker to suffer moleskin {see separate entry}. Daiber also claimed the first ascent of the Fluegelhorn.
OPTIMUS  look up translate image
One inclined to take the hopeful view (that blisters will not form, rain will stop, the summit is near, etc.).
ORIENTEERING  look up translate image
Specialized hiking and climbing techniques developed by Japanese mountain clubs, used mainly in the Far East.
OUTCROP  look up translate image
A rock formation that protrudes through the level of the surrounding soil.
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