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A SHORT DROP AND A QUICK STOP  look up translate image
A reference to hanging.
ABBEY LUBBER  look up translate image
A loiterer that could work but will not.
ABEAM  look up translate image
The direction at right angles to the hull. To either side of the ship
ABLE SEAMAN  look up translate image
A skilled sailor
ABRAHAM MEN  look up translate image
Vagabonds that beg by pretendin' to ave been discharged with no money from ships.
ADDLE  look up translate image
Putrid water in the water barrels.
ADRIFT  look up translate image
Floating about out of control.
ADVENTURE  look up translate image
An enterprise in which something is risked or left to chance.
AFEARD  look up translate image
A common way of saying afraid.
AFT. OR ABAFT  look up translate image
The direction towards the stern of the ship. That's the "back" for land-lubbers.
AHOY  look up translate image
A shout used to get someone's attention.
ALOFT  look up translate image
The top part of the masts and rigging.
AMBUSH  look up translate image
Hiding so as to attack without warnin'.
ARRR  look up translate image
A multipurpose mostly positive exclamation not to be confused with ARRRGH which is usually negative.
ARTHUR  look up translate image
A well known sea game.
ARTICLES  look up translate image
A set of rules which govern pirate's behaviour on a vessel.
AURORA  look up translate image
The faint light seen before sunrise.
AVAST  look up translate image
Stop, hold, cease or desist. AVAST YE SCURVY DOGS : Stop that now or there'll be trouble.
AYE  look up translate image
A way of sayin' yes. AYE AYE : A way of sayin' yes to someone that's a bit deaf.
BACK-O'-BEYOND  look up translate image
A long way from anywhere. Usually where ye don't want t' be
BACK-STAFF  look up translate image
A tool the navigator uses to work out how high the sun is in the sky. Helps im work out where we are, while everybody else is scratching their heads.
BALLAST  look up translate image
Heavy stuff in the hold of the ship to keep her steady.
BARKING IRONS  look up translate image
Large duelling pistols.
BARNACLE  look up translate image
A type of shell fish that sticks to the bottom of the ship's hull. If too many get attached they'll slow the ship down so they need to be scraped off regularly.
BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES  look up translate image
Means cover the hatches to the lower decks with canvas during a storm to stop water from getting belowdecks.
BEATING  look up translate image
Sailin' towards the wind in a zig zag line.
BEATING THE BOOBY  look up translate image
Slapping of hands around your arms to warm your self up on a cold watch.
BECALMED  look up translate image
Not able to sail because there is no wind.
BEFORE THE MAST  look up translate image
The station of a sailor that is not an officer.
BELAY  look up translate image
To secure, tie up or make fast, often another way of sayin' stop.
BELAYING PIN  look up translate image
A wooden rod sitting in a hole on the rail that a rope can be tied to temporarily. A useful improvised weapon aboard a sailing ship because they're everywhere and just right for a club.
BELL  look up translate image
Every half hour of a four hour watch the ship's bell is rung to show how many half hours have passed. If an hour has past it would be rung twice and we would say the time was "two bells" of that watch.
BILBOES  look up translate image
A method of securing captives by means of a metal bar to which shackles be fixed. This is what we means when we say "Clap him in irons."
BILGE  look up translate image
The lowest part of the ship. Wet, musty and full of rats.
BLACK JACK  look up translate image
Another name for a pirate flag.
BLACK SPOT  look up translate image
A black mark on a piece of paper that means "We're going to get ya" or somethin' like that.
BLEEDING THE MONKEY  look up translate image
Stealin' the grog.
BLETHERING  look up translate image
Talking nonsense.
BLOODY FLAG  look up translate image
A red flag we use to say "We're goin' to kill the lot of yer."
BLOW THE GAFF  look up translate image
Givin' away a secret or informin'.
BLUNDERBUSS  look up translate image
A short fire arm with a wide mouth that scatters musket balls over a wide area.
BOOM  look up translate image
A long spar extending from the mast to extend the foot of a sail. Also the sound a cannon makes when fired at the enemy.
BOOTY  look up translate image
That be treasure to you or me.
BOREAS  look up translate image
A name for the North wind.
BOSUN (ALSO BOATSWAIN)  look up translate image
An officer on the ship who is in charge of the ship's rigging, anchors, cables, and deck crew.
BOW  look up translate image
The front of the ship or boat.
BOW CHASERS  look up translate image
A pair of guns mounted in the bow to fire directly ahead.
BOWSPRIT  look up translate image
The slanted spar that sticks out over the bow of the ship and is used to support the fore-mast and spread the fore stay sail.
BRIGANTINE OR BRIG  look up translate image
A two-masted ship, square-rigged on both masts.
BROAD ARROW  look up translate image
The British royal mark for government stores.
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