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ACTUAL FLYING TIME  look up translate image
The time it takes to go from Point A to Point B while actually in the air; between take-off and landing. Actual flying time does not include the time it takes for security checks, boarding, disembarking, and baggage claim or the time spent on the ground during layovers.
ADD-ON  look up translate image
Special services, arrangements, or accommodations made in addition to the basic service provided by an airline, hotel, or other operator in the travel industry.
ADJOINING ROOMS  look up translate image
Hotel rooms that are side by side and have interior doors that open into one room or the other without the need to access the public areas of the hotel, such as the hallway.
ADVANCE PURCHASE REQUIREMENT  look up translate image
The reduced ticket price often available when an airline ticket is purchased before arriving at the airport.
AIRLINE DESIGNATOR  look up translate image
The alpha code used to identify an airline, such as BA for British Airways or CO for Continental Airlines.
AIRPORT ACCESS FEE  look up translate image
The fee the airline carrier pays to the airport each time one of its airplanes lands at the airport.
ARC  look up translate image
The Airline Reporting Corporation is responsible for licensing policies governing travel agents and it regulates the relationship between airlines and travel agencies.
AVAILABILITY  look up translate image
The number of seats on a flight for which no previous reservations have been made; until all seats are booked, some remain available.
BASE FARE  look up translate image
The minimum amount it costs to fly from Point A to Point B before fees, taxes, surcharges, and other costs are added to the price of the ticket.
BLACKOUT DATES  look up translate image
A period of time during which an airline will not allow certain types of fares or tickets to be sold or honored, such as during peak or holiday travel times.
BLOCKED SPACE  look up translate image
A predefined number of seats on a plane, rooms in a hotel, and the like that are held back from regular sales but available at reduced rates.
BOARDING PASS  look up translate image
The document every traveler receives when paying for an airline ticket; it often designates which seat the passenger is allowed to occupy in flight.
BUCKET SHOP  look up translate image
An unlicensed operator in currency or stock markets speculating on the funds of customers unaware of the situation.
BULK CONTRACT  look up translate image
A contract between an airline and a travel agent that extends reduced rates to the passengers booked by the travel agent.
BULK FARE  look up translate image
Reduced fares that are extended to groups who travel together.
BUSINESS CLASS  look up translate image
The mid-range class of seats on a plane, between first class and coach.
CANCELLATION PENALTY  look up translate image
A fee the passenger must pay to the airline if the passenger cancels flight plans after reserving a seat.
CARRY-ON  look up translate image
The bag or other form of luggage that a passenger is allowed to bring into the passenger compartment of the plane; this bag must be small enough to fit safely and securely into the overhead compartments along the sides of the plane. Most passengers who bring carry-on luggage also bring a purse or briefcase they can stow under their seats during the flight.
COMMISSION  look up translate image
The percentage of the ticket price the airline pays to the booking agent for making flight reservations for airline passengers.
CONSOLIDATOR  look up translate image
A seller of airline tickets in bulk; consolidators frequently offer reduced rates but theyre likely to come with heavy restrictions.
CORPORATE AGENCY  look up translate image
The in-house personnel of a business that schedules travel arrangements for the companys employees in lieu of using an outside travel agency.
DOMESTIC FARE  look up translate image
The cost of flying between two points that are in the same country.
ELECTRONIC TICKET  look up translate image
Airline tickets passengers can print from personal computers or at stations in an airport without the need to speak or interact directly with airline personnel.
ETA  look up translate image
Estimated Time of Arrival; the time the plane is scheduled to land at its destination.
EXCESS BAGGAGE  look up translate image
Airlines understand most people need to bring clothing, personal effects, and sometimes business-related items along on a flight; these items are calculated as part of the space allocated for each passenger to determine capacity for a given plane or flight. Anything a passenger wants to take on the plane that is larger, heavier, or more numerous than the standard baggage allowance is excess baggage and there is usually an added expense for transporting it.
EXCLUSIVE FARE  look up translate image
A highly attractive ticket price that is reserved for special occasions, such as flights booked by a preferred travel agency, corporate client, or other unique situation.
FARE CODE  look up translate image
The code by which the cost of airline tickets for each individual flight is determined.
FINAL APPROACH  look up translate image
The very last moments of flight before landing, when the plane is descending rapidly in a straight line with the runway.
FIRST CLASS  look up translate image
The front passenger section of the airplane immediately behind the cockpit; seats in this area are the most expensive but the seats are roomier and more comfortable and amenities and services offered by the flight attendants are more abundant and lavish.
FUSELAGE  look up translate image
The main body of an airplane.
GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM  look up translate image
An automated reservation system used by travel agents to synchronize reservations for air travel, car rental, and lodging.
HUB  look up translate image
An airport where an airline enjoys a major presence, such as Delta Airlines does in Atlanta, Georgia.
IATAN  look up translate image
International Airlines Travel Agent Network, the industry trade association that represents travel agents around the world; the IATAN establishes internationally recognized codes of operation for the air travel industry as well as tourist bureaus, hotels, and car rental agencies.
IN-TRANSIT  look up translate image
The period of time when passengers are actually on a plane. In-transit time is longer than actual flight time because it includes time for boarding, taxiing down runways, layovers that require passengers to stay on board, and disembarking at the flights destination.
INBOUND  look up translate image
A flight that is due to land at an airport; opposite of outbound, or a flight due to leave the airport.
INTERLINE CONNECTION  look up translate image
The type of plane change that requires a passenger to take a connecting flight by the same airline to the destination point; opposite of offline connection.
JET-LAG  look up translate image
A feeling of lethargy passengers often feel at the end of a flight that travels across several time zones. This generalized feeling of sleepiness or lack of energy occurs because the bodys natural day/night rhythms are no longer in synchrony with the time of day at the destination.
LAND ARRANGEMENTS  look up translate image
The plans made for a passenger once the plane is landed and the traveler is no longer a part of the airline system; land arrangements can include transportation, sleeping, sightseeing, and dining accommodations.
LAYOVER  look up translate image
The lag, or down, time a passenger experiences when the plane lands at an airport before reaching his or her final destination. For example, a passenger who boards at Point A may layover at Point B before disembarking at Point C.
LDW  look up translate image
The Loss Damage Waiver covers a car renter against theft and vandalism as well as accidental damage.
LEG  look up translate image
The departure and arrival flight schedule for a passenger; the passenger leaves on the departure leg and returns on the arrival leg.
LEISURE TRAVEL  look up translate image
Travel enjoyed just for fun, such as to a vacation destination, as opposed to work-related business travel.
LIMITED SERVICE HOTEL  look up translate image
A hotel that provides a place to sleep but perhaps nothing more, such as meals, airport shuttles, and concierge services.
LOWEST AVAILABLE FARE  look up translate image
The absolute minimum price for which a seat on a particular flight can be purchased. These lowest fares usually require meeting strict criteria, such as advance purchase of tickets, travel to restricted destinations, maximum stays, flights requiring multiple layovers instead of a direct flight, and restricted to certain days of the week or time of day.
MAXIMUM STAY  look up translate image
Applies to round-trip travel only; the airline honors round-trip tickets and prices as long as the return flight is enough days after arrival to satisfy a maximum stay policy.
MINIMUM CONNECT TIME  look up translate image
The least amount of time possible for a passenger to leave one plane and board another during a layover.
MODIFIED AMERICAN PLAN  look up translate image
Referred to as the MAP, this meal plan provides two meals, usually breakfast and dinner, to travelers.
NET RATE  look up translate image
The rate of pay to a service provider, such as an airline carrier, after all expenses such as taxes and fees have been deducted from the ticket price.
NO SHOW  look up translate image
Someone who booked a flight but did not arrive at the airport in time to board the plane before take-off.
NON-REFUNDABLE  look up translate image
A ticket that cannot be returned for cash or credit once its been purchased.
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