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ABANDONED  look up translate image
A race meeting that has been canceled because a club did not receive sufficient nominations to be able to stage it, or, due to bad weather that made racing on the track unsafe
ACCEPTOR  look up translate image
A runner officially listed to start in a race
ACCUMULATOR  look up translate image
Also known as a Parlay, is a multiple bet that involves making concurrent selections on two or more races with the intent of passing the winnings of the first win on the bet for the following race selected, and so on. All the selections must win in order to win the accumulator.
ACROSS THE BOARD  look up translate image
A bet on a horse to win, place and show. If the horse wins, the player collects three ways; if second, two ways; and if third, one-way, losing the win and place bets
AGE  look up translate image
All thoroughbreds count January 1 as their birth date
ALL AGE RACE  look up translate image
A race for two-year-olds and up
ALL OUT  look up translate image
A horse who is trying to the best of his ability
ALL WEATHER RACING  look up translate image
Racing that takes place on an artificial surface
ALLOWANCE RACE  look up translate image
A race other than claiming for which the racing secretary drafts certain conditions to determine weights
ALLOWANCES  look up translate image
Weight permitted to be reduced because of the conditions of the race or because an apprentice is on a horse. Allowances also occur when a female horse is racing against males, or three-year-olds racing against older horses
ALSO RAN  look up translate image
Any horse racing that did not finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in a race or event
AMATEUR  look up translate image
(rider) on racecards, their names are prefixed by Mr., Mrs., Captain, etc, to indicate their amateur status
APPRENTICE  look up translate image
A trainee jockey. An apprentice will usually ride only flat races
APPRENTICE ALLOWANCE  look up translate image
Weight concession to an apprentice rider - usually 10 pounds until the fifth winner, seven pounds until the 35th winner and five pounds for one calendar year from the 35th winner.
APPROXIMATES  look up translate image
The approximate price a horse is quoted at before a race begins. Bookmakers use these approximates as a guide to set their boards
ARBITRAGE  look up translate image
Where a variation in odds available allows a punter to back both sides and guarantee a win
ART  look up translate image
Artificial Turf
ATS  look up translate image
Against The Spread
AWT  look up translate image
All weather track
BABY RACE  look up translate image
A race for two-year-olds
BACK  look up translate image
To bet or wager on a horse
BACK MARKER  look up translate image
In a standing start event, which is handicapped, the horse that is given the biggest handicap is known as the back marker
BACK STRAIGT  look up translate image
Also known as a Tape is a starting device used in steeple chasing consisting of an elastic band stretched across the racetrack, which retracts when released
BACKED  look up translate image
A 'backed' horse is one that has a lot of bets placed on it
BACKED IN  look up translate image
A horse that is backed-in means that bettors have outlaid a lot of money on that horse, with the result being a decrease in the odds offered
BACKWARD  look up translate image
TA horse that is either too young or not fully fit
BANKER  look up translate image
Also known as the Key is the horse highly expected to win. The strongest horse in a multiple selection bet–a parlay or accumulator. In variation bets, the banker is a selection that must win to guarantee any returns
BAR PRICE  look up translate image
Refers to the odds of those runners in a race not quoted with a price during early betting shows. The bar price is the minimum odds for any of those selections not quoted
BAR STRETCH  look up translate image
The straight away on the far side of the track
BARRIER  look up translate image
Also known as a Tape is a starting device used in steeple chasing consisting of an elastic band stretched across the racetrack, which retracts when released
BARRIER DRAW  look up translate image
The ballot held by the race club to decide which starting stall each runner will occupy
BAT  look up translate image
That can also be referred to as the Stick is a jockey's whip
BEARING IN/OUT  look up translate image
Failing to maintain a straight course; veering to the left or right. Can be caused by injury, fatigue, outside distraction, or poor riding
BELL LAP  look up translate image
In harness racing, the last lap of a race, indicated by the ringing of the bell
BET  look up translate image
A wager normally involving the exchange of monies
BETTING BOARD  look up translate image
A board used by the bookmaker to display the odds of the horses engaged in a race
BETTING RING  look up translate image
The main area at a racecourse where the bookmakers operate
BETTOR  look up translate image
Is a person who places or has a bet
BEYER NUMBER  look up translate image
A handicapping tool, popularized by author Andrew Beyer, assigning a numerical value to each race run by a horse based on final time and track condition. This enables different horses running at different racetracks to be objectively compared
BISMARCK  look up translate image
A favorite horse that the bookmakers do not expect to win
BLANKET FINISH  look up translate image
When the horses finish so close to the winning line you could theoretically put a single blanket across them making it hard to determine the order of finish
BLIND BET  look up translate image
A bet made by a racetrack bookmaker on another horse to divert other bookmakers' attention away from his sizeable betting on his/her main horse thus to avoid a shortening of the odds on the main horse
BLINKERS  look up translate image
A cup-shaped device applied over the sides of the horse's head, near his eyes, in order to limit his vision. This prevents the horse from swerving away from distracting objects or other horses on either side of him. Blinker cups come in a variety of sizes and shapes to allow as little, or as much, vision as the trainer feels is appropriate
BOARD  look up translate image
Short for 'Tote Board' on which odds, betting pools and other race information are displayed
BOBBLE  look up translate image
A bad step away from the starting gate, sometimes caused by the ground breaking away from under a horse and causing him to duck his head or go to his knees
BOLT  look up translate image
When a horse suddenly veers from a straight course
BOMBER  look up translate image
A winning horse sent off at very high odds
BOX  look up translate image
A wagering term denoting a combination bet whereby all possible numeric combinations are covered
BOXED (IN)  look up translate image
To be trapped between other horses
BREEDERS' CUP  look up translate image
Is the Thoroughbred racing's year-end championship that was first run in 1984. Breeders' Cup Day consists of eight races that are conducted on one day but at a different racetrack each year with purses and awards totaling of $13 million
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