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6061 ALUMINUM  look up translate image
a) An aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that is a great material for bicycle frames when used with great care. b) Beware! Not all 6061 T6 aluminum frames are created equal. c) Each Fisher aluminum frame undergoes extensive testing for strength and fatigue resistance, allowing us to offer a limited lifetime warranty. 7005 aluminum a) Another great material for bicycle frames. b) Fisher utilizes 7005 aluminum for its Silver Series frames as it can be welded without requiring an expensive heat-treating process.
700C WHEEL  look up translate image
a) The wheel size found on a Fisher City/Path bike. b) Also the standard for most road bikes.
ADJUSTABLE BICYCLE WRENCH (mỏ-lết)  look up translate image
An open-ended wrench which can be adjusted to fit nuts and bolts in a range of sizes. Adjustable wrenches suitable for bicycles can also be used to bend thin metal items such as chainring teeth. Most adjustable wrenches have a hole in the back end of the handle which people assume is only for hanging the wrench up. But, this hole can be put over a wrench to get more leverage to turn a stubborn bolt or to develop enough torque to bend a metal rod. The most useful size in emergency bicycle repair...(more)

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  • ADJUSTING BARREL (bu-lông chỉnh dây)  look up translate image
    A long hollow bolt through which a control cable's inner wire passes, but at which the cable casing stops. These are found on the bike's brake hand levers, at or rear brake calipers and sometimes on shifters and derailleurs. Adjusting barrels are used for fine adjustment. If they are screwed out, the cable becomes tighter.

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  • ADJUSTING SCREW  look up translate image
    Synonym: Limit screw.
    AIR PRESSURE  look up translate image
    The amount of compression of the air in a bike tire. Almost all bicycle wheels have an air-filled tire, generally with an inner tube which is like a balloon to seal in the air. The compressed air makes the ride more efficient and comfortable. The pressure is usually measured in pounds per square inch. The average modern fat tire takes a pressure of up to 65 pounds per square inch (PSI). The average thin tire takes up to 100 pounds per square inch. The exact recommended pressure varies from one model...(more)
    ALIGN (cân vành)  look up translate image
    To make a wheel or other rotating device, such as a chainwheel, round and on-plane.

    Synonym: true
    ALLEN BOLT (bu-lông có đầu lục giác)  look up translate image
    A bolt or screw with an Allen head. Synonym: Hex bolt.

  • ALLEN BOLT.jpg [9.41 KB]

  • Synonym: hex bolt
    ALLEN HEAD (lỗ lục giác)  look up translate image
    A hexagonal hole in the top of a bolt or screw into which you can put an "Allen wrench" to turn that bolt or screw. Allen head bolts are generally lighter in weight, and less prone to stripping than slotted, Phillips or male hexagonal bolt heads. As used on bicycles, the most common sizes are five and six millimeters. Five millimeter Allen headed bolts are used to hold chainrings to the crank, seatpins and on some derailleur parts. Six millimeter bolts are used on seat clamps and handlebar stems. Synonym: Hex head

    Synonym: hex head
    ALLEN WRENCH  look up translate image
    A tool which will turn Allen bolts. The standard Allen wrench is shaped like an L. For some reason, most are flat black or dark gray in color. Variations include Y shaped tools with a differing size Allen wrench at the end of each tip, and Allen wrenches at the end of screwdriver handles. Synonym: Hex wrenches, Hex keys. Tip: Allen wrenches for touring.

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  • ALLOY (hợp kim, nhôm hợp kim)  look up translate image
    1. A metal that is mixed with other metals to give it more useful properties. For instance, mixing a little nickel with steel makes an alloy that will not rust - stainless steel. 2. "Alloy" is generally used within bicycling to mean aluminum alloy, a variation of aluminum which is stronger and more malleable than pure aluminum.
    ALUMINUM  look up translate image
    A weak, but light metal with a whitish silvery dull shine. When alloyed with other metals, aluminum can be light and strong. See also: Alloy.
    AMERICAN CRANK  look up translate image
    A large steel bar bent in the shape of a dog-leg which is both cranks and bottom bracket spindle all in one piece. The ends of the bar are threaded to accept pedals. Pedals for these cranks have a smaller thread diameter than most, 1/2" instead of 9/16." American cranks are easily bent, but also easily replaced. If severely bent, they can be impossible to remove from the bottom bracket. Cut off most of the left side with a hacksaw or cutting torch. Remove the large locknut on the left side of the...(more)

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  • AMERICAN STANDARD (Chuẩn Mỹ)  look up translate image
    A series of dimensions which are used to maintain parts interchangeability among most American bicycle manufacturers. For instance, pedals on a Huffy will fit a Murray. Interestingly, many Schwinn parts do not adhere to the American Standard, using a slightly thread pitch. Schwinn cranks use 26 threads per inch (TPI) while the American standard dictates 24 TPI.

    See also: Schwinn English standard Italian standard French standard.
    ANCHOR BOLT  look up translate image
    A bolt which fastens a control cable inner wire. Many anchor bolts have a small hole drilled through them. The cable wire passes through the hole. Anchor bolts are small and fragile, yet they must be tight enough that the cable will not slip. If you have any doubt about how much to tighten an anchor bolt on a brake cable, have a bicycle professional double-check your work. See also: Adjusting barrel
    ANTIQUE  look up translate image
    Any bicycle, bicycle part, accessory or related item (such as an advertising poster) which is more than twenty-five years old. The antique collectors tend to specialize in bikes from the turn of the century or before, classics (which see), European road racing bicycles, or specialty bicycles such as Moulton commuting bikes. A quick way to tell if a bike is an antique or a replica is to see if the pedals have reflectors. Also see Classic.
    ASHTABULA  look up translate image
    An American manufacturer of bicycle parts, known for American cranks and inexpensive but heavy steel components.
    ASHTABULA CRANK  look up translate image
    A one-piece all-steel crank. See American Crank.
    ASSEMBLY (kết cấu (n), lắp ráp (v))  look up translate image
    1. Noun. A group of parts which provide a function. For instance the bearings in the bottom bracket housing can be referred to as "bottom bracket assembly." 2. Noun and verb. Taking a new bicycle out of a box, putting it together and adjusting the new bicycle so it works properly. Example: Proud bicycle shop mechanic says, "I did eight assemblies today!"
    ATTACK  look up translate image
    A sudden acceleration to move ahead of another rider or group of riders.
    AXLE (trục)  look up translate image
    as in the generic definition, a rod that serves to attach a wheel to a bicycle and provides support for bearings on which the wheel rotates. Also sometimes used to describe suspension components, for example a swing arm pivot axle. A shaft upon which a rotating object is mounted. Technically, an axle turns with the object on which is it mounted. A shaft which does not turn with the rotating object it holds is a spindle. These terms are often reversed in bicycle nomenclature, however. For instance, in bicycle technology, we have a bottom bracket spindle, and the wheels are mounted on stationary axles.

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  • AXLE NUTS (Đai ốc khoá trục)  look up translate image
    Nuts that hold a bicycle wheel onto the bicycle. The nuts are most often turned with a fifteen millimeter wrench. Flat washers should be trapped between the axle nuts and the dropouts (the part of the bicycle frame or fork where the wheel is mounted). Axle nuts are tightened gradually, alternating from one to the other until the wheel is fully tight and centered.
    BABY HEAD  look up translate image
    Slang for a trail-interrupting rock about the size of a baby's head.
    BACKBAR  look up translate image
    A shorter, more normal version of a Sissy bar. Backbars and sissy bars were used to hold up banana seats, long seats that were popular on children's bikes of the 1970s.
    BALL BEARING  look up translate image
    See Bike Bearings and Bike's Ball bearings.
    BALL CUP  look up translate image
    Synonym: Bearing cup.
    BANANA SEAT (Yên dài)  look up translate image
    - A long seat which was popular on children's bikes of the 1970's. The banana seat is so long that a seat clamp would not be able to keep it level. Therefore banana seats require a backbar or sissy bar to support their back end. Riding double (two riders) is possible on banana seats, but is not safe unless the rear rider has foot pegs. (And some will say it is not safe then, either.)

  • Heroic-B.JPG.jpeg [93.72 KB]
  • BAR ENDS  look up translate image
    extensions at the end of straight handlebars to allow for multiple hand positions.
    BAR PLUGS (BAR ENDS, END CAPS) (đầu tay lái)  look up translate image
    Handlebar plug - plugs for the ends of handlebars.

  • bar-ends.jpg [57.40 KB]
  • BAR-END SHIFTER  look up translate image
    A shifter mounted in the end of the handlebar.
    BASKET (giỏ)  look up translate image
    cargo carrier

  • BasketXL.jpg [32.89 KB]
  • BEAD  look up translate image
    See Tire bead.
    BEARING (vòng bi)  look up translate image
    a device that facilitates rotation by reducing friction. The most common types are ball, roller and sleeve.
    BEARING ADJUSTMENT  look up translate image
    See bearing cup for details.
    BEARING BALLS  look up translate image
    Case-hardened steel balls used in bicycle bearings. These are very solid and precise, often with a precision to plus or minus two-millionths of an inch.
    BEARING CONE  look up translate image
    See bearing cup for details.
    BEARING CUP  look up translate image
    In all bicycles built until the last twenty years, and many built today, you'll find cone and cup bearings in the wheel hubs, bottom bracket, headset, pedals and sometimes other components. In a cone and cup bearing, a circle of bearing balls roll between a cup and a cone. The cone, or sometimes the cup, is mounted with screw threads on an axle or spindle, to control the tightness of the bearing. You don't want the adjustment too tight, or there will be friction, and rapid wear. On the other hand,...(more)
    BEARING RACE  look up translate image
    A hard surface in a ball or roller bearing against which the balls or rollers run. Bearing cones and cups are both races. See also: case-hardened.
    BELL (chuông)  look up translate image
    an audible device for warning pedestrians and other cyclists.

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  • BELLCRANK  look up translate image
    A linkage between a three-speed hub (made by Shimano) and the control cable. To adjust, look for a red line and circle on the lever inside which should exactly align with a slot and circle on the bellcrank housing when the shifter is in the second gear position. See Also: Sturmey-Archer
    BELT (xích)  look up translate image
    drive - alternate to chain-drive

    Synonym: chain drive chain
    BENDIX  look up translate image
    An American manufacturer of bicycle parts with facilities in Mexico. Bendix is most known for coaster brake hubs, and also manufactures automotive and home heating components.
    BENELUX  look up translate image
    A company which used to make a conversion kit to put three sprockets on planetary gear set hubs (three-speeds) resulting in nine-speed bicycles.
    BENT  look up translate image
    Short for "recumbent." A bike that's built close to the ground for less wind resistance, and lower center of gravity.
    BICYCLE BAG (túi)  look up translate image
    Bag that can be attached to the handlebars or the carrier.

  • BikePacked.gif [22.47 KB]
  • BICYCLE TRAILER  look up translate image
    A device which follows behind a bicycle to carry cargo or children. See "Trailer" for more details. See also: Make money building bicycle trailers.
    BIKE STAND  look up translate image
    Synonyms : workstand, repair stand.
    BLOCK  look up translate image
    In road racing, an attempt to disrupt a chase by slowing down a paceline.
    BLOWOUT  look up translate image
    You'll know a blowout when you hear one! There are two versions. The most common occurs at gas stations, where inexperienced bicyclists fill their tires with much more air pressure than the tires are designed to hold (don't trust those inflation systems which have a box on a post and a crank which you turn to dial the pressure you want), or fill tires which are not mounted correctly. The other variety occurs when you hit a stone, curb, or large puncturing object which damages the tire in a big way....(more)
    BMX  look up translate image
    Bicycle Motocross. 1. A form of competition patterned after off-road motorcycle competition called "motocross." BMX has taken on a life of its own far beyond motorcycle motocross. Most participants are children or teenagers. Larger kids and adults may use 24" wheels, but most competitors use 20" wheels. The BMX bicycle has fat tires, heavy-duty yet lightweight parts, and caliper or cantilever brakes and a single-speed freewheel. 2. A bicycle patterned after BMX racing bikes. Although they look similar...(more)
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