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MADISON  look up translate image
This was a track race in which the riders competed for six days. Because of the long-term damage and even deaths that occurred to the riders who pushed themselves too hard for too long, this competition is no longer held in its original form. Synonym: Six-day race.
MAES  look up translate image
A style of handlebar which is named after a successful bicycle racer. It is a downturned style found on thin tired road racing bikes.
MAFAC  look up translate image
A French bicycle parts manufacturer, known for their brakes.
MALLET  look up translate image
A soft hammer made from wood, brass, plastic or rubber. Use a mallet when you want to apply impact force to a large area, or want to prevent marring a finish.
MASS START  look up translate image
A race start in which all racers start at the same time.
MASTER LINK (mắt tháo xích)  look up translate image
a bicycle chain accessory that allows convenient removal and reconnection of an installed bicycle chain without the need for a chain tool.

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  • MAVIC  look up translate image
    A French bicycle parts manufacturer, known for their rims.
    MAXIMUM COCKPIT  look up translate image
    The longest the cockpit can be made by changing the stem to one which is 30mm longer than original. The maximum recommended to retain optimum handling.
    MECHANICAL  look up translate image
    Slang for a mechanical problem with the bicycle.
    MEN'S BIKE  look up translate image
    A bicycle traditionally designed for men. The distinguishing feature is that there is a frame tube extending from the headtube through which the fork is mounted to the seattube. This 'toptube' runs parallel to the ground, and is as high as the top of the bicycle frame. The interesting fact is that this is actually a dangerous design, and moreso for men than women. In the event of an accident, the man can fall heavily on this tube, resulting in an injury that can lead to impotence. Also, in the event...(more)
    METRIC  look up translate image
    (met' rick) A system of measurement based on the meter, which is approximately 39 inches long. A centimeter is one one-hundredth of a meter, and a millimeter is one one-thousandth of a meter. There are exactly 25.4 millimeters in one inch. All bicycles except those made in America, and older ones manufactured in the British Empire use the metric system for the dimensioning of most of their components. There are some major exceptions, however, such as chains (1/8-inch and 3/32-inch, steering tube...(more)
    MILE-A-MINUTE MURPHY  look up translate image
    A bicyclist who attained some notoriety around the turn of the previous century by drafting (riding closely behind) a train on level ground at sixty miles per hour.
    MILLIMETER  look up translate image
    A unit of linear measurement used in most countries other than America and the British Empire. There are 25.4 millimeters in an inch, so a millimeter is approximately one 25th of an inch. Millimeter is often abbreviated as mm. Click here for millimeter to inch conversions.
    MILLING MACHINE  look up translate image
    A machine that precisely cuts metal by sliding a cutter back and forth. Milling machines are sometimes used in building custom bicycle components. Also see: drill press, lathe.
    MINIMUM COCKPIT  look up translate image
    The shortest the cockpit can be made by changing the stem to the shortest one available.
    MIXTE  look up translate image
    A bicycle frame design that was originally designed to appeal to both men and women, so either sex could ride the same bike and not be embarrassed by cultural taboos. Men, in particular, do not want to be seen riding 'girl's' bikes. The mixte frame is just like a diamond or men's frame, except the toptube is not parallel to the ground. Instead, it runs from the top of the headtube, to a point about halfway down the length of the seattube, at an angle between parallel to the ground and the downtube. Although technically less strong and stiff, the Mixte design proves very durable.
    MOUNTAIN BIKE  look up translate image
    Bicycle with large wheels with treads with studs, a strong frame, numerous gears and powerful brakes, for navigating all kinds of terrain.
    MOUTAIN BICYCLE (xe địa hình)  look up translate image

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