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14.1 CONTINUOUS  look up translate image
More commonly known as "straight pool", it was for many years the most popular game in pool and the game on which all World Championships were based. 14.1 is a call-shot game played with all 15 numbered balls and cue ball. Every ball pocketed counts as one point and a game is played to a agreed up score, generally 50, 100, or 150 points.Traditional straight pool matches are played to 150 points.14.1 is also called "continuous pool" because, after the opening break, play continues until a player...(more)
7-BALL  look up translate image
A fast paced offensive game similar to 9-ball but only using balls numbered 1 through 7. Pocketing the 7-ball wins the game. Under the current pro rules of 7-ball, any missed shot gives your opponent ball-in-hand.
8-BALL  look up translate image
Unquestionably the most popular game in all pocket billiards history. 8-ball is often the first game new players learn. It is widely played in pool rooms and is the predominant game outside of pool rooms, such as in bars and taverns.All fifteen numbered balls are used in a conventional triangle rack. Each player is assigned either the solid balls (1-7) or the striped balls (9-15). The object is to pocket all of your assigned balls and then pocket the 8-ball.The rules of 8-ball vary drastically. You are cautioned to become familiar with the house rules before entering into a game.
9-BALL  look up translate image
9-ball is the current championship game in pocket billiards. Players love the fast pace of the game, and it has proven ideal for television coverage with races to seven fitting well into a one hour time slot.9-ball is a rotation game so a player must hit the lowest numbered ball first. The object of the game is pocket the 9-ball on any legal shot.
ACTION  look up translate image
a game for money, as in, "Let's go in and see if there is any action." Or when inquiring about a pool room, a player might ask "Do they get much action in there?"
ANGLE SHOT  look up translate image
(Pocket games) A shot that requires the cue ball to drivethe object ball other than straight ahead. (See cut shot)
ANGLED  look up translate image
(Snooker, pocket games) When the corner of a pocket preventsa player shooting the cue ball directly at an object ball. (See corner-hooked)
APEX OF TRIANGLE  look up translate image
(Pocket games) The position in the grouping ofobject balls that is on the foot spot; the front ball position of the pyramidor rack.
AROUND THE TABLE  look up translate image
(Carom games) Describes shots in which the cue ballcontacts three or more cushions, usually including the two short cushions, inan effort to score.
ARTISTIC POOL  look up translate image
a somewhat new term that applies to trick shooting. Artistic pool players and artistic pool competitions have to do trick shots on a pocket billiard table.
BALANCE POINT  look up translate image
(General) The point on a cue at which it would remainlevel if held by a single support, usually about 18" from the butt end ofthe cue.
BALL IN HAND  look up translate image
(Pocket games) See cue ball in hand.
BALL ON  look up translate image
(Snooker) A colored (non-red) ball a player intends tolegally pocket; same as on ball.
BALL RETURN SYSTEM  look up translate image
a special feature on some tables that allows pocketed balls drop into a rail where they automatically travel to a box built into the foot of the table.
BALL-IN-HAND  look up translate image
being able to place the cue ball anywhere on the table for your next shot.
BANK SHOT  look up translate image
(Pocket games) A shot in which the object ball is drivento one or more cushions before it is pocketed; incidental contact as a ballmoves along and adjacent to a cushion does not qualify as a cushion or bank. Itis not an obvious shot and must be called in games requiring called shots. (Seekick shot)
BAULK  look up translate image
(Snooker) The intervening space between the bottom cushion andthe Baulk-line.
BAULK-LINE  look up translate image
(Snooker) A straight line drawn 29" from the face ofthe bottom cushion and parallel to it.
BCA  look up translate image
see Billiard Congress of America.
BED  look up translate image
the playable surface of a table, usually made of slate.Also see slate.
BED OF TABLE  look up translate image
(General) The flat, cloth-covered surface of the tablewithin the cushions; the playing area exclusive of the cushions.
BILLIARD  look up translate image
(Carom games) A count or score; a successful shot.
BILLIARD CONGRESS OF AMERICA  look up translate image
known as the BCA, is the official governing body of pocket billiards played or sanctioned in the U.S. The BCA maintains the complete rules on their BCA Web Site.
BILLIARD SHOT  look up translate image
a billiard shot is when the cue ball touches a numbered ball on its ways to strike the intended object ball. Note that there is a subtle distinction between caroms, billiards, and combinations.
BILLIARD TABLE  look up translate image
a rectangular table with cushions bounding the playing area, but without pockets A billiard table is typically larger than a pool table, generally measuring 10 feet by 5 feet. Also, billiard tables often have heated beds that cause them to play much faster than pool tables. See also pool table.
BILLIARDS  look up translate image
any of the group of games played on a rectangular table with cushions (with or without pockets).
BLIND DRAW  look up translate image
(General) A method used to determine pairings orbracketing of players in tournaments that assures totally random placement orpairing of contestants.
BOTTLE  look up translate image
(Pocket games) A specially shaped leather or plasticcontainer used in various games. (Also called the shake bottle)
BOTTOM CUSHION  look up translate image
(Snooker) The cushion located at the head of asnooker table--closest to the D.
BREAK  look up translate image
(Snooker) Total scored in one inning.
BREAKING VIOLATION  look up translate image
(Pocket games) A violation of special rules whichapply only to the opening break shot of certain games. Unless specifiedin individual game rules, a breaking violation is not a foul.
BRIDGE  look up translate image
(General) The hand configuration that holds and guides the shaft-end of the cue during play. (See mechanical bridge)

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  • BUMPER  look up translate image
    the rubber knob on the bottom of the cue which protects it when rested on the floor. Novices often incorrectly refer to the cushions on a pool table as bumpers.
    BURST  look up translate image
    (Forty-One Pocket Billiards) Scoring a total of more than 41points.
    BUTT  look up translate image
    the large end of a cue stick. Although the term butt is often used to mean the entire lower half of the cue, it actually only refers to the portion of the cue below the wrap (area where the cue is gripped).
    BUTT OF CUE  look up translate image
    (General) The larger end of a cue, opposite the tip. Ona two-piece cue, the butt extends up to the joint.
    CALL SHOT  look up translate image
    (Pocket games) Requirement that a player designate, inadvance of each shot, the ball to be made and the pocket into which it will bemade. In calling the shot, it is NEVER necessary to indicate details such asthe number of cushions, banks, kisses, caroms, etc. The rules of "BankPool" are an exception.
    CALLED BALL  look up translate image
    (Pocket games) The ball the player has designated to bepocketed on a shot.
    CALLED POCKET  look up translate image
    (Pocket games) The pocket which a player hasdesignated a ball to be shot.
    CAROM  look up translate image
    (General) To bounce off or glance off an object ball or cushion;a shot in which the cue ball bounces off one ball into another is termed acarom.
    CAROM, SCORING  look up translate image
    (General) Contact by the cue ball with object balls,the bottle or cushions in such a way that a legal score is made, according tospecific game rules.
    CENTER SPOT  look up translate image
    (General) The exact center point of a table's playingsurface.
    CENTER STRING  look up translate image
    an imaginary line that passes between the centers of the side pockets.
    CHALK  look up translate image
    (General) A dry, slightly abrasive substance that is appliedto the cue tip to help assure a non-slip contact between the cue tip and thecue ball.
    CHEAT THE POCKET  look up translate image
    shooting the object ball to the left or right side of the pocket in order to create an angle for position play. Commonly used on a shot that would otherwise be straight-in.
    CHIN LOCK  look up translate image
    a technique used for maintaining proper alignment when moving into the shooting position. A shot should always be lined up before you move down into your shooting position. If you lock your chin on the vertical plane of the shot, you will naturally be in proper alignment when you are down on the table.
    CHUCK NURSE  look up translate image
    (Straight Rail Billiards) A scoring technique used whenone object ball rests against the cushion and the second object ball is to oneside of the first ball and away from the cushion. Cue ball strikes the objectball at the cushion so that the cue ball just comes back to touch (carom) thesecond object ball without moving it out of position for a similar subsequentshot.
    CINCHING A SHOT  look up translate image
    total focus on the aim point and making the ball, perhaps even not worrying about resulting position.
    CLEAN BANK  look up translate image
    (Bank Pocket Billiards) A shot in which the object ballbeing played does not touch any other object balls (i.e., no kisses, nocombinations).
    CLEAR BALL  look up translate image
    (Carom games) The all-white ball, devoid of any markings,used in carom games. (See spot ball)
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