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ABC  look up translate image
always be closing... sales tip
ABC ACCOUNT CLASSIFICATION  look up translate image
the classification of customer accounts within a sales territory or region into groups according to their size and potential, and, therefore, their importance, the classification is used primarily to determine call frequency
ABOVE-THE-LINE ADVERTISING  look up translate image
advertising which employs one of five main media - the press, television, radio, cinema and posters, see below-the-line advertising
ABSOLUTE COST ADVANTAGE  look up translate image
the cost advantage one company has over another if it has a cheaper source of raw materials, control of superior knowledge through patents, cheaper manufacturing or assembly costs, or similar benefit
ABSOLUTE COSTS  look up translate image
the minimum costs that an organisation must bear to remain in business, see absolute cost advantage
ACCELERATOR PRINCIPLE  look up translate image
the notion that an increase or reduction in consumer demand will affect several layers of demand in organisational markets, for example, an increase in consumer demand for soft drinks will lead to an increased demand by retailers for soft drinks, an increased demand by soft drink bottlers for aluminium cans, an increased demand by aluminium can manufacturers for aluminium sheet, an increased demand by aluminium sheet manufacturers for aluminium ore, and so on, see derived demand
ACCELERATORS  look up translate image
In Sales compensation, a component used to help stimulate sustained selling efforts. Typically, accelerators are introduced after a given level of revenue is reached or exceeded.
ACCEPTANCE  look up translate image
A favorable attitude expressed by a customer for a salesperson's recommendation or solution.
ACCESSIBILITY  look up translate image
one of the four major requirements (with actionability, measurability and substantiality) for useful market segmentation, accessibility expresses the notion that the segment targeted must be able to be reached and served adequately by the firm's promotion and distribution system, see actionability, measurability, and substantiality
ACCOMPANIMENT REPORT  look up translate image
after an accompaniment visit the manager completes a report on the performance of the sales person, usually resulting in a follow-up action plan or additional training
ACCOMPANIMENT VISIT  look up translate image
where a manager or trainer accompanies a sales person while meeting prospects or customers
ACCOUNT  look up translate image
a customer - (usually a B2B organization), the individual or company your are doing business with
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE  look up translate image
see account manager
ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT  look up translate image
The process and discipline of working with accounts in order to build long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships.
ACCOUNT MANAGER  look up translate image
a sales representative responsible for a major customer account or group of major accounts
ACCOUNT OBJECTIVES  look up translate image
the specific aims and sales goals to be achieved within a specified period by a salesperson for an account for which he or she is responsible
ACCOUNT OPENER  look up translate image
premium given to customers as a reward or thank you for opening an account
ACCOUNT PENETRATION RATIO  look up translate image
a measure used to evaluate salespeople; the percentage of accounts from which orders are secured is calculated to provide a measure of whether the salesperson is working the territory in a systematic way or simply "milking" major accounts
ACCOUNT PLANNING / ACCOUNT PLAN  look up translate image
The process or method one follows to assess the opportunities within an account, and what is needed to achieve mutual goals with a customer.
ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE  look up translate image
a salesperson with direct responsibility for a specific major account or a group of major accounts
ACHIEVEMENT DRIVE  look up translate image
a term coined by Harvard psychologist David McClelland, who believe this was one of the key factors in any successful accomplishment, Dr. McClelland suggests achievement drive does not add to an individuals skills, it multiplies them, also known as ambition, drive, desire to excel, will to win, or competitive nature
ACID TEST  look up translate image
a common ratio used to evaluate a firm's liquidity, calculated by dividing cash by current liabilities, see current ratio and quick ratio
ACTION PLAN  look up translate image
detailed steps taken by an individual, unit, department or a team to achieve long or short-term objectives
ACTIONABILITY  look up translate image
one of the major requirements (with accessibility, measurability and substantiality) for useful market segmentation, actionability expresses the notion that the segment targeted must be of an appropriate size for the company's resources to handle, see accessibility, measurability, and substantiality
ACTIVE LISTENING  look up translate image
term used to describe high level of listening capability and method, in which the sales person actively seeks to understand how the speaker feels, and what their issues are, in which the type of listening extends far beyond common inattentive listening
ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT  look up translate image
The management and study of those activities the sales organization performs in order to achieve desired results. Where time is spent is the primary component of activity management.
ACTIVITY QUOTA  look up translate image
a common form of sales assignment, goal or target used to measure a sales representative's performance in relation to his or her selling activities; activities used in this way include total calls made, total sales made, number of new accounts opened, number of displays set up, and so on
ACTIVITY REPORTS  look up translate image
reports requiring salespeople to provide details (e.g. number of calls made, new accounts opened, displays arranged, dealer sales meetings attended, etc.) as a measure of their activity in a given period
ACTUAL PRODUCT  look up translate image
the tangible features of a product, including styling, quality level, features, brand name and packaging, also called the formal product or tangible product, see augmented product and core product
ADAPTIVE SELLING  look up translate image
a technique which calls for the salesperson to adapt his or her social style to that of the buyer in order to maximise effectiveness and buyer comfort the salesperson's ability to change directions during a call based on what happens during the call
ADAPTIVISING  look up translate image
a planning philosophy implying a firm's intention to continue to maintain, and expand, its present operations, to do better things in the future than have been done in the past, see optimising, and satisficing
ADDED VALUE  look up translate image
the element(s) of service or product that a sales person or selling organization provides, that a customer is prepared to pay for because of the benefit(s) obtained, added values are real and perceived, tangible and intangible, a good, reliable, honest, expert, informed sales person becomes a very significant part of the selling organization's added value, as perceived by the customer, if not by the selling organization
ADOPTION RATE DETERMINANTS  look up translate image
factors which influence the rate of adoption of a new product, see communicability, compatibility, complexity, divisibility, and relative advantage
ADVANTAGE  look up translate image
the aspect of a product or service that makes it better than another, the selling factor over the product or service of a competitor
ADVERTISER (BUYER)  look up translate image
the company that buys the product from the distributor to use as promotional tool
ADVERTISING  look up translate image
method used by a company to publicize and position its products and services to its chosen target markets, including product launches, image and brand building, press and pubic relations activities, merchandising, special offers, generating leads, and offering incentives to distributors, agents, and sales representatives
ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION (A&P)  look up translate image
sometimes described as "above the line" (media advertising such as radio, TV, newspapers, magazines) or "below the line" (non-'media' methods such as brochures, direct-mail, exhibitions, telemarketing and public relations), advertising agencies generally receive a commission from the above the line media services, but not below the line services
ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESS  look up translate image
the degree to which the objectives of an advertisement or advertising campaign have been achieved, the effectiveness is commonly gauged by measuring the effect on sales, brand awareness, brand preference, etc see communication effect of advertising and sales effect of advertising
ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES  look up translate image
specific aims or intentions of an advertisement (for example, to inform, to persuade, to remind)
ADVISORS APPROACH  look up translate image
a closing technique in which a salesperson specifies all that a customer will require to solve the problem at hand, and advises the offer be accepted, also referred to as the counsellor close
ADVOCACY ADVERTISING  look up translate image
advertising that is specifically designed to induce, discourage or advocate some specific kind of action on the part of a corporate, social or government entity
ADVOCATE REVENUE  look up translate image
sales influenced by word-of-mouth advertising
ADVOCATES  look up translate image
Those people in the customer's organization a salesperson works with who support the recommendation being offered.
AFFIRMATIONS  look up translate image
words said to ones self, aloud or silently, sometimes called self-talk, used by sales people to improve performance, the underlying psychology is if you repeat it often enough your mind will come to accept it as truth and the outcome will be achieved
AGENT  look up translate image
a person who acts on behalf of a company or individual to sell their products or services usually on a commission basis, but unlike other members of the distribution channel, does not take title to them
AGENT / BROKER  look up translate image
A person who has the authority or is empowered to represent a company or a company's products and services. Agents and brokers are used by selling organizations to capitalize on the agent's / broker's local presence and capacity to support the organization's purpose or mission.
AIDA  look up translate image
attention, interest, desire, action... "get the prospect's attention, gain their interest, create desire and encourage them to act by moving forward with the purchase."
AIDCA  look up translate image
awareness, interest, desire, conviction, action; mental states which supposedly lead a potential customer to a buying decision
AIDED RECALL  look up translate image
Respondents are asked if they remember a commercial for the brand being tested.
ALIGNMENT  look up translate image
The process of taking the elements of your offer to a customer and bringing those elements "into line" to match, or be connected to the customer's objectives.
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