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463L SYSTEM  look up translate image
Aircraft pallets, nets, tie down, and coupling devices, facilities, handling equipment, procedures, and other components designed to interface with military and civilian aircraft cargo restraint systems. Though designed for airlift, system components may have to move intermodally via surface to support geographic combatant commander objectives. (JP 4-01.7)
ABORT  look up translate image
(*) 1. To terminate a mission for any reason other than enemy action. It may occur at any point after the beginning of the mission and prior to its completion. 2. To discontinue aircraft takeoff or missile launch.
ABSOLUTE ALTIMETER  look up translate image
(*) A type of altimeter which measures vertical distance to the surface below, using radio, radar, sonic, laser, or capacitive technology.
ABSOLUTE DUD  look up translate image
A nuclear weapon which, when launched at or emplaced on a target, fails to explode.
ABSOLUTE FILTER  look up translate image
(*) A filter capable of cutting off 100% by weight of solid particles greater than a stated micron size.
ABSOLUTE HEIGHT  look up translate image
(*) The height of an aircraft directly above the surface or terrain over which it is flying. See also altitude.
ACCEPTABILITY  look up translate image
The joint operation plan review criterion for assessing whether the contemplated course of action is proportional and worth the cost in personnel, equipment, materiel, time involved, or position; is consistent with the law of war; and is militarily and politically supportable. See also adequacy; feasibility. (JP 5-0)
The ability and opportunity to obtain knowledge of classified information. Persons have access to classified information if they are permitted to gain knowledge of the information or if they are in a place where they would be expected to gain such knowledge. Persons do not have access to classified information by being in a place where classified information is kept if security measures prevent them from gaining knowledge of the information.
ACCIDENTAL ATTACK  look up translate image
An unintended attack which occurs without deliberate national design as a direct result of a random event, such as a mechanical failure, a simple human error, or an unauthorized action by a subordinate.
ACCOMPANYING SUPPLIE  look up translate image
Unit supplies that deploy with forces.
ACCOUNTABILITY  look up translate image
The obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping accurate record of property, documents, or funds. The person having this obligation may or may not have actual possession of the property, documents, or funds. Accountability is concerned primarily with records, while responsibility is concerned primarily with custody, care, and safekeeping. See also responsibility.
ACCOUNTING LINE DESIGNATOR  look up translate image
A five-character code, consisting of the target desired ground zero designator and the striking command suffix, to indicate a specific nuclear strike by a specified weapon delivery system on a target objective to the operation plan. Also called ALD.
ACCURACY OF FIRE  look up translate image
(*) The precision of fire expressed by the closeness of a grouping of shots at and around the center of the target.
ACCURACY OF INFORMATION  look up translate image
See evaluation.
ACOUSTIC CIRCUIT  look up translate image
A mine circuit which responds to the acoustic field of a target. See also mine.
ACOUSTIC INTELLIGENCE  look up translate image
(*) Intelligence derived from the collection and processing of acoustic phenomena. Also called ACINT. (JP 2-0)
ACOUSTIC JAMMING  look up translate image
The deliberate radiation or reradiation of mechanical or electroacoustic signals with the objectives of obliterating or obscuring signals that the enemy is attempting to receive and of disrupting enemy weapons systems. See also barrage jamming; electronic warfare; jamming; spot jamming.
ACOUSTIC MINE  look up translate image
(*) A mine with an acoustic circuit which responds to the acoustic field of a ship or sweep. See also mine.
ACOUSTIC MINEHUNTING  look up translate image
(*) The use of a sonar to detect mines or mine-like objects which may be on or protruding from the seabed, or buried.
ACOUSTIC WARFARE  look up translate image
(*) Action involving the use of underwater acoustic energy to determine, exploit, reduce, or prevent hostile use of the underwater acoustic spectrum and actions which retain friendly use of the underwater acoustic spectrum. Also called AW. There are three divisions within acoustic warfare. 1. acoustic warfare support measures. That aspect of acoustic warfare involving actions to search for, intercept, locate, record, and analyze radiated acoustic energy in water for the purpose of exploiting such...(more)
See acoustic warfare Part 3.
See acoustic warfare Part 2.
See acoustic warfare Part 1.
ACOUSTICAL SURVEILLANCE  look up translate image
Employment of electronic devices, including sound-recording, -receiving, or -transmitting equipment, for the collection of information.
ACQUIRE  look up translate image
1. When applied to acquisition radars, the process of detecting the presence and location of a target in sufficient detail to permit identification. 2. When applied to tracking radars, the process of positioning a radar beam so that a target is in that beam to permit the effective employment of weapons. See also target acquisition.
ACQUIRE (RADAR)  look up translate image
See acquire.
ACQUISITION  look up translate image
See collection (acquisition).
Agreements negotiated on a bilateral basis with US allies or coalition partners that allow US forces to exchange most common types of support, including food, fuel, transportation, ammunition, and equipment. Authority to negotiate these agreements is usually delegated to the combatant commander by the Secretary of Defense. Authority to execute these agreements lies with the Secretary of Defense, and may or may not be delegated. Governed by legal guidelines, these agreements are used for contingencies,...(more)
ACT OF MERCY  look up translate image
In personnel recovery, assistance rendered to evaders by an individual or elements of the local population who sympathize or empathize with the evaders' cause or plight. See also evader; evasion; recovery; recovery operations. (JP 3-50)
ACTION AGENT  look up translate image
In intelligence usage, one who has access to, and performs actions against, the target.
ACTION DEFERRED  look up translate image
Tactical action on a specific track is being withheld for better tactical advantage. Weapons are available and commitment is pending.
ACTION INFORMATION CENTER  look up translate image
See air defense control center; combat information center.
ACTION PHASE  look up translate image
In an amphibious operation, the period of time between the arrival of the landing forces of the amphibious force in the operational area and the accomplishment of their mission. See also amphibious force; amphibious operation; landing force; mission. (JP 3-02)
ACTIVATION  look up translate image
Order to active duty (other than for training) in the federal service. See also active duty; federal service. (JP 4-05)
ACTIVATION DETECTOR  look up translate image
(*) A device used to determine neutron flux or density by virtue of the radioactivity induced in it as a result of neutron capture.
ACTIVE AIR DEFENSE  look up translate image
Direct defensive action taken to destroy, nullify, or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air and missile threats against friendly forces and assets. It includes the use of aircraft, air defense weapons, electronic warfare, and other available weapons. See also air defense. (JP 3-01)
See communications satellite.
ACTIVE DEFENSE  look up translate image
The employment of limited offensive action and counterattacks to deny a contested area or position to the enemy. See also passive defense.
ACTIVE DUTY  look up translate image
Full-time duty in the active military service of the United States. This includes members of the Reserve Components serving on active duty or full-time training duty, but does not include full-time National Guard duty. Also called AD. See also active duty for training; inactive duty training.
ACTIVE DUTY FOR SPECIAL WORK  look up translate image
A tour of active duty for reserve personnel authorized from military and reserve personnel appropriations for work on active or reserve component programs. This includes annual screening, training camp operations, training ship operations, and unit conversion to new weapon systems when such duties are essential. Active duty for special work may also be authorized to support study groups, training sites and exercises, short-term projects, and doing administrative or support functions. By policy,...(more)
ACTIVE DUTY FOR TRAINING  look up translate image
A tour of active duty which is used for training members of the Reserve Components to provide trained units and qualified persons to fill the needs of the Armed Forces in time of war or national emergency and such other times as the national security requires. The member is under orders that provide for return to non-active status when the period of active duty for training is completed. This includes annual training, special tours of active duty for training, school tours, and the initial duty for training performed by nonprior service enlistees. Also called ADT.
ACTIVE GUARD AND RESERVE  look up translate image
National Guard and Reserve members who are on voluntary active duty providing full-time support to National Guard, Reserve, and Active Component organizations for the purpose of organizing, administering, recruiting, instructing, or training the Reserve Components. Also called AGR. (CJCSM 3150.13)
ACTIVE HOMING GUIDANCE  look up translate image
(*) A system of homing guidance wherein both the source for illuminating the target and the receiver for detecting the energy reflected from the target as the result of the illumination are carried within the missile.
ACTIVE MATERIAL  look up translate image
(*) Material, such as plutonium and certain isotopes of uranium, which is capable of supporting a fission chain reaction.
ACTIVE MINE  look up translate image
(*) A mine actuated by the reflection from a target of a signal emitted by the mine.
ACTIVE SEALIFT FORCES  look up translate image
Military Sealift Command active, common-user sealift and the afloat pre-positioning force, including the required cargo handling and delivery systems as well as necessary operating personnel. See also afloat pre-positioning force; common-user sealift; Military Sealift Command. (JP 4-01.2)
ACTIVE STATUS  look up translate image
Status of all Reserves except those on an inactive status list or in the Retired Reserve. Reservists in an active status may train for points and/or pay and may be considered for promotion.
ACTIVITY  look up translate image
1. A unit, organization, or installation performing a function or mission, e.g., reception center, redistribution center, naval station, naval shipyard. 2. A function, mission, action, or collection of actions. Also called ACT. See also establishment.
ACTUAL GROUND ZERO  look up translate image
(*) The point on the surface of the Earth at, or vertically below or above, the center of an actual nuclear detonation. See also desired ground zero; ground zero.
ACTUATE  look up translate image
(*) To operate a mine-firing mechanism by an influence or a series of influences in such a way that all the requirements of the mechanism for firing, or for registering a target count, are met.
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