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69  look up translate image
Slang term (derived from the shape of the numerals) for mutual, simultaneous oral sex by two individuals.
ABORTIFACIENT (thuốc phá thai)  look up translate image
Any chemical agent that induces abortion.
ABORTION (phá thai)  look up translate image
The ending of a pregnancy and expulsion of the contents of the uterus. This can occur either by induction or spontaneously (when it is known as a miscarriage).
ABSTINENCE (sự tiết dục)  look up translate image
To refrain from having sex.
ACCULTURATION (sự thích ứng văn hoá)  look up translate image
The process of adapting to a society by incorporating the beliefs, behaviors and customs of that culture.
ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIDS, hội chứng suy giảm miễn dịch)  look up translate image
A disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The disease involves weakening of the immune system until it is unable to fight opportunistic infections.
ACROSOMAL REACTION (sự giải phóng enzim từ đầu tinh trùng)  look up translate image
The release of enzymes from a sperm's acrosome.
ACROSOME (màng đầu tinh trùng)  look up translate image
The covering of the head of the sperm that contains enzymes that allow it to penetrate the ovum.
ACTUAL FAILURE RATE (tỷ lệ thất bại thực tế (pp tránh thai))  look up translate image
The average failure rate of a contraceptive. This takes into account not only actual failure of the device, but also human error and non-use.
ADOLESCENCE (tuổi thanh thiếu niên)  look up translate image
The stage of development that occurs during puberty.
ADRENOGENITAL SYNDROME (Hội chứng giới tính giả)  look up translate image
Also known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia. A genetic condition in which a female is born with genitals that look like a male's due to an abnormally functioning adrenal gland.
ADULTERY (sự ngoại tình)  look up translate image
Sex between a married person and a person other than their spouse.
AFTERBIRTH (nhau thai)  look up translate image
The placenta and amniotic sac, which is expelled after the infant during childbirth.
AGAPE (tình yêu vị tha)  look up translate image
A Greek word meaning altruistic love.
AGE OF CONSENT (tuổi trưởng thành về sinh dục)  look up translate image
The age at which a person is deemed legally capable of giving consent to sexual interactions.
AIDS  look up translate image
Acronym for acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
AIDS DEMENTIA  look up translate image
Infection of the brain by HIV, resulting in the impairment of mental functioning, as well as changes in both mood and behavior.
ALPHA-FETO PROTEIN SCREENING  look up translate image
A blood test that helps determine the existence of neural tube defects.
ALVEOLI (Tuyến sữa)  look up translate image
Glands that produce milk in the female breast.
AMBISEXUAL (lưỡng tính)  look up translate image
A more contemporary term for bisexual.
AMENORRHEA (sự mất kinh)  look up translate image
The absence of menstruation.
AMNIOCENTESIS  look up translate image
A diagnostic procedure in which amniotic fluid is withdrawn by needle from the uterus of a pregnant woman. The fluid and fetal cells are then analyzed for chromosome defects.
AMNIOTIC FLUID  look up translate image
The fluid within the amniotic sac that surrounds the embryo or fetus.
AMNIOTIC SAC  look up translate image
The pouch that contains the amniotic fluid.
AMYL NITRATE  look up translate image
A drug that is inhaled to prolong or intensify orgasm. Its use is potentially very dangerous, and is now illegal to sell in many states.
ANAL INTERCOURSE  look up translate image
Sexual behavior in which one person's penis is inserted into another's anus.
ANALINGUS (sự kích dục hậu môn bằng miệng và lưỡi)  look up translate image
Stimulation of the anus with mouth and tongue.
ANAPHRODISIAC (một chất làm suy giảm ham muốn tình dục)  look up translate image
A substance that decreases sexual desire.
ANATOMICAL SEX (giới tính trực quan)  look up translate image
The apparent gender of an individual based on the appearance of sexual organs.
ANDROGEN REPLACEMENT THERAPY  look up translate image
The administration of testosterone. This is done to increase sex drive in men with androgen deficiencies.
A condition in which a male is born with testes but is unable to absorb testosterone As a result, his body tends toward a female appearance.
ANDROGENS (Hoóc-môn sinh dục nam)  look up translate image
The "male" sex hormones. Actually produced by women as well (though in smaller quantities and with little absorbtion).
ANDROGYNY (lưỡng tính)  look up translate image
Possessing both masculine and feminine characteristics.
ANOREXIA NERVOSA (Chứng biếng ăn)  look up translate image
An eating disorder in which the individual engages in extreme behaviors to remain very thin.
ANOREXIC (người biếng ăn)  look up translate image
A person with anorexia.
ANORGASMIA (Chứng rối loạn khoái cảm)  look up translate image
A sexual dysfunction in which an individual is unable to have orgasms. More prevalent in women.
ANTIGAY PREJUDICE (Sự kỳ thị người đồng tính)  look up translate image
Negative attitudes and behaviors toward homosexuals.
ANUS (Hậu môn)  look up translate image
The opening of the rectum.
APGAR SCORE  look up translate image
A medical rating of a newborn's condition based on heart rate, respiration, color, reflexes, and muscle tone.
APHRODISIAC  look up translate image
A substance that is alleged to increase sexual desire.
AREOLA (quầng vú)  look up translate image
The ring of darkened skin around the nipple of the breast. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areola

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  • ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION (Thụ tinh nhân tạo)  look up translate image
    Placing semen into a woman's vagina or uterus by a means other that intercourse for the purpose of inducing pregnancy.
    ASEXUAL (không có tình dục)  look up translate image
    Without sexual feelings, desires or qualities.
    ASPHYXOPHILIA  look up translate image
    A sexual preference for activities that involve oxygen deprivation.
    ASS (mông, đít)  look up translate image
    Slang expression for buttocks.
    ASSHOLE (lỗ đít)  look up translate image
    Slang expression for anus.
    ASSIGNED GENDER (giới tính được chỉ định)  look up translate image
    The gender that one is ascribed by others, irregardless of genetic or anatomical gender.
    ASYMPTOMATIC (không có triệu chứng)  look up translate image
    Having no symptoms.
    ATYPICAL SEXUAL BEHAVIOR (Hành vi tình dục bất thường)  look up translate image
    Sexual activity that is not one of the more common activities.
    AUTOEROTIC ASPHYXIA (Hành vi thủ dâm bằng cách gây ngạt)  look up translate image
    A form of sexual behavior in which the individual masturbates while depriving him or herself of oxygen through hanging, strangulation, or other means. This activity is incredibly dangerous and causes many inadvertent deaths each year.
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