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C-SECTION  look up translate image
Abbreviation for cesarean section.
CALENDAR METHOD (phương pháp tránh thai bằng tính ngày)  look up translate image
A contraceptive method based on calculating "safe" days based on a formula involving a woman's longest and shortest periods.
CALL GIRL (gái gọi)  look up translate image
A high-priced prostitute who usually works outcall from a home or office as opposed to getting customers on the street or at a brothel.
CANDIDA ALBICANS  look up translate image
The fungus that causes candidiasis, otherwise known as a yeast infection.
CANDIDIASIS  look up translate image
A yeast infection caused by the fungus candida albicans.
CANNULA (ống xông)  look up translate image
A tube inserted into the body through which fluids and tissue can be removed. These are often used during abortions and other gynecological procedures.
CARPOPEDAL SPASM  look up translate image
A contraction of the hands or feet which occurs during orgasm.
CASTRATION (sự cắt bỏ cơ quan sinh dục, thiến)  look up translate image
The removal of the testes or ovaries. In popular use, also refers to the amputation of the penis.
CELIBATE (không kết hôn, không có quan hệ tình dục)  look up translate image
Unmarried, or as more popularly used, someone who does not engage in sexual activity.
CERVICAL CAP (nút bịt cổ tử cung)  look up translate image
A small, rubber, contraceptive barrier device that fits over the cervix. It is smaller than the diaphragm and is held in place by suction.
CERVICAL DYSPLASIA  look up translate image
A disease of the membrane that covers the cervix. It is often considered to be pre-cancerous and should be treated.
A disease of the membrane that covers the cervix. It is often considered to be pre-cancerous and should be treated.
CERVIX (cổ tử cung)  look up translate image
The tapered, lower end of the uterus that opens into the vagina.
CESAREAN SECTION  look up translate image
Delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the abdominal wall. Also known as C-section.
CHANCRE  look up translate image
A red, painless sore that is an early symptom of syphilis.
CHANCROID  look up translate image
A painful sore on the penis that is caused by the STD bacterium Hemophilus ducreyi.
CHASTITY (sự tiết dục)  look up translate image
Sexual abstinence.
CHEMICAL CASTRATION (thuốc diệt dục)  look up translate image
Using drugs to reduce or eliminate a man's sexual impulses.
CHERRY (màng trinh)  look up translate image
Slang expression for the hymen.
CHILD-FREE MARRIAGE (hôn nhân không có con)  look up translate image
A marriage in which the couple have chosen not to have children.
CHLAMYDIA  look up translate image
An infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Despite being one of the most common STDs in women, it is often asymptomatic.
CHORIONIC-VILLI SAMPLING  look up translate image
A medical procedure in which embryonic cells are removed from the tissue surrounding the fetus and then analyzed for evidence of genetic defects.
CILIA  look up translate image
Tiny hairlike fibers that line the fallopian tubes and help move the oocyte along.
CIRCLE JERK (thủ dâm vòng tròn (nam))  look up translate image
Slang term for male group masturbation (usually referring to a practice of adolescent males).
CIRCUMCISION (sự cắt bao quy đầu)  look up translate image
The surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis, or, in some cultures, the clitoral hood, clitoris and/or labia.
CLAP (bệnh lậu (lóng))  look up translate image
A slang term for gonorrhea.
CLIMACTERIC (mãn kinh)  look up translate image
An older term for menopause.
CLIMAX (sự cực khoái)  look up translate image
CLIT (âm vật (lóng))  look up translate image
Slang expression for the clitoris.
CLITORAL HOOD  look up translate image
The fold of skin covering the clitoris.
CLITORIDECTOMY  look up translate image
The surgical removal of the clitoris and all or part of the labia. Also known as female circumcision.
CLITORIS (âm vật)  look up translate image
A small, highly sensitive sexual organ in the female, located above and in front of the vaginal entrance.
COCK (dương vật (lóng))  look up translate image
Slang term for penis.
COHABITATION (sống cùng)  look up translate image
Living together; usually referring to an unmarried couple.
COITUS (sự giao hợp)  look up translate image
Sexual intercourse.
COLOSTRUM  look up translate image
A thin, yellow fluid containing nutrients and antibodies that is secreted by the breasts after a woman gives birth for 2 or 3 days prior to actual milk production.
COMING OUT (sự thừa nhận là đồng tính)  look up translate image
The process of acknowledging that one is gay, lesbian or bisexual.
CONCEIVE (dính bầu, có thai)  look up translate image
To become pregnant.
CONCEPTUS (thai)  look up translate image
The product of conception; a medical catch-all term for the zygote, fetus, or embryo.
CONDOM (bao cao su)  look up translate image
A sheath that is placed over the erect penis to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
A genetic condition in which a female is born with genitals that look like a male's due to an abnormally functioning adrenal gland.
CONGESTIVE PROSTATITIS  look up translate image
An inflammation of the prostate gland thought to be caused by infrequent ejaculation.
CONTRACEPTION (sự tránh thai)  look up translate image
The prevention of conception by the use of birth control devices or agents.
CONTRACEPTIVE (thuốc, dụng cụ tránh thai)  look up translate image
Any method, drug, or device that helps prevent conception.
CONTRACEPTIVE FILM (màng tránh thai)  look up translate image
A small square of spermicide that is inserted into the vagina where it dissolves and helps protect against pregnancy.
CONTRACEPTIVE FOAM (bọt tránh thai)  look up translate image
A spermicidal foam that is inserted into the vagina with an applicator prior to intercourse where it helps protect against pregnancy.
CONTRACEPTIVE SPONGE (mút tránh thai)  look up translate image
A polyurethane sponge inserted inside the vagina that blocks the opening of the cervix and releases a spermicide thereby helping to protect against unintentional pregnancy.
CONTRACEPTIVE SUPPOSITORY (thuốc đặt tránh thai)  look up translate image
A small capsule of spermicide that is inserted into the vagina prior to intercourse where it dissolves and helps protect against pregnancy.
COPROPHILIA (sự kích dục liên quan tới phân (lệch lạc))  look up translate image
A sexual variation in which arousal is associated with activities involving feces.
COPULATION (giao hợp qua âm đạo)  look up translate image
Vaginal intercourse.
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