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EATING (OUT)  look up translate image
Slang term for cunnilingus.
ECLAMPSIA  look up translate image
A severe form of toxemia that can occur in late pregnancy, leading to convulsions and coma in pregnant woman.
ECTOPIC PREGNANCY  look up translate image
A pregnancy that occurs when a fertilized egg implants itself somewhere outside the uterus. In most cases, the site of implantation is a fallopian tube, in which case the condition is known as a tubal pregnancy.
EFFACEMENT  look up translate image
The thinning out of the cervix during labor and childbirth.
EFFEMINATE  look up translate image
Having feminine qualities.
EJACULATE (xuất tinh)  look up translate image
To have an orgasm with expulsion of seminal fluid from the penis. Also used as an alternative term for the fluid itself (semen).
EJACULATION (sự xuất tinh)  look up translate image
The expulsion of seminal fluid from the penis, usually during orgasm.
EJACULATORY DUCT (ống dẫn tinh)  look up translate image
One of the two passageways that carries semen from the prostate gland to the urethra.
EJACULATORY INEVITABILITY (ngưỡng xuất tinh)  look up translate image
In males, the point in the sexual response cycle at which a man no longer has control over whether he will ejaculate or not. Once this point is past, a man will ejaculate in a matter of seconds, even if all stimulation is ceased.
ELECTRA COMPLEX  look up translate image
In psychoanalytic theory, the female child's erotic desire for the father and simultaneous fear of the mother. It is the female analog to the Oedipal complex.
EMBRYO (phôi)  look up translate image
The unborn human organism from the second to about the eighth week of pregnancy.
EMBRYO TRANSFER  look up translate image
A technique used with infertile couples in which a fertilized, developing egg is transferred from the uterus of one woman to that of another woman.
EMISSION  look up translate image
The first stage of ejaculation, in which sperm and semen are propelled into the urethral bulb.
ENDOMETRIOSIS  look up translate image
A disease caused by cells from the uterine lining spreading and growing in parts of the body other than the uterus, such as the fallopian tubes.
ENDOMETRIUM  look up translate image
The inner lining of the uterus; part of which is shed during menstruation.
ENGAGEMENT  look up translate image
The repositioning of the fetus into a lower position in the mother's abdominal cavity that occurs when its head is past her pelvic bone.
EPIDIDYMIS  look up translate image
The tightly coiled tubules, attached to the top of the testes, where sperm matures and is stored.
EPIDIDYMITIS  look up translate image
Inflammation of the epididymis.
EPISIOTOMY  look up translate image
An incision made during childbirth to enlarge the vaginal opening. The incision is usually made at the base of the vaginal opening and serves to help prevent tearing of the perineal and anal tissues.
ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION  look up translate image
A sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to have or maintain an erection despite adequate stimulation and interest. Often referred to commonly as impotence.
ERECTION (sự cương cứng)  look up translate image
The enlargement and hardening of the penis due to vasocongestion that occurs during sexual arousal in the male.
EROGENOUS ZONE  look up translate image
Any area of the body that is especially sensitive to sexual stimulation and touching.
EROS (tình yêu đắm đuối)  look up translate image
The Greeks' term for passionate or erotic love.
EROTIC AID (dụng cụ kích dục)  look up translate image
A device, such as a vibrator or dildo, designed to enhance sexual responsiveness.
EROTICA (nội dung kích dục)  look up translate image
Sexually oriented material that is not considered "pornographic" to the viewer.
EROTOPHILIA (sự thích tình dục)  look up translate image
A positive emotional response to sexuality.
EROTOPHOBIA (chứng sợ tình dục)  look up translate image
A negative emotional response to sexuality, especially guilt, fear and shame.
ESTRADIOL  look up translate image
The major natural estrogen.
ESTROGEN  look up translate image
The principal female hormone, secreted by the ovaries, testes, and placenta.
ESTROGENS  look up translate image
The "female" sex hormones; also produced in smaller quantities (and with less absorbtion) in males.
ESTRUS  look up translate image
The period of ovulation and sexual activity in nonhuman female mammals; commonly referred to as being "in heat."
EUNUCH (thái giám)  look up translate image
A castrated male.
EXHIBITIONISM  look up translate image
A paraphilia characterized by getting sexual gratification from exposing the genitals to an (often unwilling) observer.
EXPECTANT (phụ nữ có thai)  look up translate image
EXPULSION  look up translate image
The second stage of ejaculation, characterized by contractions of the urethra, prostate, and muscles at the base of the penis, causing semen to spurt from the penis.
EXTRAMARITAL SEX (tình dục ngoài hôn nhân)  look up translate image
Sexual activity by a married person with someone other than her or his spouse.
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