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FAG (đồng tính (lóng))  look up translate image
Pejorative, slang term for a homosexual.
FALLOPIAN TUBE  look up translate image
One of the two tubes extending from the ovary to the uterus through which eggs are transported.
FELLATIO (sự kích dục cho người nam bằng miệng)  look up translate image
Oral stimulation of the male genitals.
FEMALE CIRCUMCISION  look up translate image
The surgical removal of the clitoris and all or part of the labia. Also known as clitoridectomy.
FEMALE CONDOM  look up translate image
A soda-can-shaped pouch that is placed inside the vagina to line the vaginal walls for prevention of pregnancy and disease.
FEMME  look up translate image
A lesbian who exhibits stereotypically feminine traits.
FERTILITY AWARENESS (tránh thai bằng tính ngày)  look up translate image
One of the contraceptive methods that is based on a woman being able to predict her reproductive cycle, including calendar (rhythm), basal body temperature (BBT), mucus, and symptothermal methods.
FERTILIZATION (sự thụ tinh)  look up translate image
The union of sperm and egg, resulting in conception.
FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME  look up translate image
A condition that effects infants born to alcoholic mothers.
FETISHES (sự kích dục bằng chân tay)  look up translate image
Obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inanimate object or a particular part of the body.
FETISHISM  look up translate image
Obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inanimate object or a particular part of the body.
FETISHISTIC TRANSVESTISM  look up translate image
A paraphilia in which a man becomes sexually excited by cross-dressing. This is in contrast to non-fetishistic transvestism, in which the motivation is not sexual excitement.
FETUS (bào thai)  look up translate image
The human unborn organism from the ninth week up until birth.
FIBROADENOMA  look up translate image
A normally harmless, movable growth in the breast of young women.
FIBROCYSTIC DISEASE  look up translate image
A common and usually harmless breast condition.
FIMBRIAE  look up translate image
The fingerlike projections at the end of the fallopian tube extending towards the ovary.
FINGERING (sự kích dục cho người nữ bằng tay (lóng))  look up translate image
Slang term for stimulation of a woman's genitals with the fingers.
FIST FUCKING  look up translate image
Slang term for a sexual variation in which an individual inserts his or her entire hand into their partner's vagina or anus.
FITNESS  look up translate image
In evolutionary theory, an individual's reproductive success.
FLACCID (xìu (dương vật))  look up translate image
Not erect.
FLAGELLUM (phần đuôi của tinh trùng)  look up translate image
The tail of a sperm that helps to propel it.
FOLLICLE  look up translate image
The sac of estrogen-secreting cells in the ovary that contains an egg.
FOLLICLE-STIMULATING HORMONE (FSH)  look up translate image
A hormone secreted by the pituitary that regulates follicle development in females and sperm production in males.
FOLLICULAR PHASE  look up translate image
The phase of the menstrual cycle during which a follicle matures.
FOREPLAY (màn khởi động, sự kích thích trước khi giao hợp)  look up translate image
A term used to refer to sexual activities other than intercourse. The term comes from the view that some individuals hold that all activities of a sexual nature are merely designed to lead up to intercourse.
FORESKIN (bao quy đầu)  look up translate image
The sheath of skin covering the tip of the penis; often removed during circumcision.
FORNICATION  look up translate image
Sexual intercourse between two unmarried people.
FRENULUM  look up translate image
A highly sensitive area of skin on the underside of the penis, where the glans meets the body of the penis.
FRIGIDITY  look up translate image
No longer used term that refers to a lack of sexual response in a woman.
FROTTEURISM  look up translate image
A paraphilia characterized by obtaining sexual excitement from touching or rubbing one's body against others without their consent.
FUCK  look up translate image
Slang term for intercourse. Used in many contexts with many alternative meanings.
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