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KAPLAN'S TRI-PHASIC MODEL  look up translate image
A model that, unlike Masters and Johnson's model, divides sexual response into three phases: desire, excitement, and orgasm.
KAPOSI'S SARCOMA  look up translate image
A formerly rare cancer of the blood vessels that is now common as one of the opportunistic infections that strike people with AIDS; it appears as lesions on the skin.
KEGEL EXERCISES  look up translate image
A set of exercises designed to strengthen and give voluntary control over the muscles surrounding the genitals (known as the pubococcygeus muscles) and thereby increase sexual pleasure and awareness.
KLINEFELTER SYNDROME  look up translate image
A genetic condition in which a male has extra X chromosomes, thereby causing the development of female secondary sex characteristics. It is widely believed that Joan of Ark was a "Klinefelter male."
KLISMAPHILIA  look up translate image
A sexual variation in which the person derives sexual excitement from receiving or giving enemas.
KORO  look up translate image
A Japanese form of psychopathology referring to the delusion that one's penis is shrinking into one's body.
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