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MALIGNANCY  look up translate image
A cancerous growth.
MALIGNANT TUMOR  look up translate image
A cancerous tumor that invades nearby tissues thereby eventually causing damage to vital organs.
MAMMARY GLAND  look up translate image
The portion of a mature female breast that produces milk.
MAMMOGRAM  look up translate image
A type of X-ray of the breast often used to screen for tumors and breast cancer.
MASOCHISM  look up translate image
A sexual variation in which the individual derives sexual pleasure from experiencing pain.
MASTECTOMY  look up translate image
The surgical removal of the breast; usually done as a treatment for breast cancer.
A model of the sexual response cycle that divides it into four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.
MASTURBATION  look up translate image
Self-stimulation of the genitals for sexual pleasure.
MEIOSIS  look up translate image
A form of cell division in which the cell's nucleus undergoes two consecutive divisions.
MENAGE A TROIS  look up translate image
A sexual relationship between three people.
MENARCHE  look up translate image
The onset of menstruation; the first menstrual period.
MENOPAUSE  look up translate image
The cessation of menstruation at the end of a woman's reproductive capacity usually during late middle age.
MENSES  look up translate image
The more-or-less monthly sloughing of the uterine lining which results in a bloody discharge from the vaginal opening.
MENSTRUAL CYCLE  look up translate image
The more-or-less monthly process during which the uterus is readied for implantation of a fertilized ovum. If fertilization does not occur the uterine lining is then shed.
MENSTRUAL EXTRACTION  look up translate image
The removal of the endometrial contents by suction; sometimes used as a form of abortion or postcoital birth control.
MENSTRUATION  look up translate image
The more-or-less monthly sloughing of the uterine lining which results in a bloody discharge from the vaginal opening.
MIDWIFE  look up translate image
A person (often a nurse) who acts as a birth attendant.
MIFEPRISTONE  look up translate image
The chemical agent in RU-486.
MINI-PILL  look up translate image
A birth control pill that, unlike the combination pill, contains a low dose of progesterone and no estrogen.
MINILAPAROTOMY  look up translate image
A form of tubal ligation in which a small incision is made in the lower abdomen.
MISCARRIAGE  look up translate image
A spontaneous abortion; a pregnancy that terminates on its own prior to birth.
MITTELSCHMERZ  look up translate image
Abdominal cramps on either side of the body at the time of ovulation, often accompanied by a small discharge of blood from the cervix
MODELING  look up translate image
The process of learning behavior through the observation of others.
MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM  look up translate image
A viral STD characterized by smooth, round, shiny lesions, generally appearing on the trunk, on the genitals, or around the anus.
MONILIASIS  look up translate image
A form of yeast infection.
MONOGAMY  look up translate image
The mating of one person with another individual with neither engaging in sexual activity with anyone else.
MONS PUBIS  look up translate image
In the female, the mound of fatty tissue covering the pubic bone that is covered by pubic hair; also known as mons veneris.
MONS VENERIS  look up translate image
The pubic mound; literally, mountain of Venus. Also known as mons pubis.
MORNING-AFTER PILL  look up translate image
A pill which can be used in emergency situations for preventing pregnancy after intercourse has occurred.
MOTILE  look up translate image
Exhibiting motion, such as in live sperm.
MUCOUS METHOD  look up translate image
A form of fertility awareness in which a woman stretches her cervical mucus between her fingers to determine the time of ovulation.
MULLERIAN DUCTS  look up translate image
In the embryo, a pair of ducts that eventually develop into the internal female reproductive system if the fetus is genetically female.
A hormone secreted by the testes in a genetically male fetus that acts to inhibits the growth and development of the Mullerian-duct system.
MULTIPAROUS  look up translate image
A woman who has had more than one baby.
MULTIPLE ORGASMS  look up translate image
Having several orgasms in a short period of time with no refractory period in between.
MYOTONIA  look up translate image
Increased muscle tension, sometimes accompanied by involuntary contractions, during sexual excitement.
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