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PAP TEST  look up translate image
A test for cervical cancer done by examining cells scraped off the cervix during a pelvic examination.
PARAPHILIA  look up translate image
A sexual behavior characterized by intense recurrent sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies lasting at least 6 months and involving nonhuman objects or parts of human objects, the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner, or children or other nonconsenting individuals.
PARAPHILIAC  look up translate image
A person who has a paraphilia.
PARENTERAL TRANSMISSION  look up translate image
Infection via the bloodstream.
PARTIALISM  look up translate image
A fetish in which a person is sexually attracted to a specific body part exclusive of the person.
PASSIVE IMMUNITY  look up translate image
The immunity that a baby has to certain diseases due to the antibodies transferred to him or her through the mother's breast milk.
PCP  look up translate image
Abbreviation for pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. One of the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS.
PEDERASTY  look up translate image
Sex between an adult and a child, usually an adult male and a male child.
PEDICULOSIS PUBIS  look up translate image
Lice that infest the pubic hair; commonly referred to as crabs.
PEDOPHILE  look up translate image
An individual who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.
PEDOPHILIA  look up translate image
A paraphilia characterized by intense, recurring sexual urges or fantasies involving sexual activities with a prepubescent child.
PEER  look up translate image
An age-mate.
PELVIC FLOOR  look up translate image
The underside of the pelvic area extending from the top of the pubic bone to the anus.
PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE (PID)  look up translate image
Infection of the pelvic organs such as the fallopian tubes that often causes scarring which can then lead to infertility.
PENETRATION  look up translate image
The insertion of the penis or another object into the vagina or anus for sexual purposes.
PENIS  look up translate image
The primary male sexual and reproductive organ through which both urine and semen pass.
PENIS ENVY  look up translate image
In psychoanalytic theory, a woman's desire to have a penis, whether literally or metaphorically.
PERIMETRIUM  look up translate image
The thin membrane covering the outside of the uterus.
PERINATAL TRANSMISSION  look up translate image
The passing of a disease from mother to fetus through the placenta and bloodstream.
PERINEUM  look up translate image
A strip of sensitive tissue that runs between the genitals and the anus.
PERIOD  look up translate image
The menstrual period.
PERVERSION  look up translate image
An old-fashioned term for a sexual deviation.
PHALLIC  look up translate image
Penis or penis-like in shape or form.
PHALLUS  look up translate image
An object that is a penis or penis-like in shape or form.
PHEROMONE  look up translate image
A sexually arousing chemical substance that is secreted into the air by many kinds of animals, including, possibly, humans.
PHIMOSIS  look up translate image
A condition in which the foreskin is so tight against the glans that it cannot be pulled back and must be loosened or removed surgically.
PHOBIC  look up translate image
Irrationally fearful.
PHOTOPLETHYSMOGRAPH  look up translate image
A device used to measure physiological sexual arousal in the female.
PID  look up translate image
Abbreviation for pelvic inflammatory disease.
PIMP  look up translate image
A prostitute's protector and manager.
PITUITARY GLAND  look up translate image
A gland located on the lower surface of the brain that secretes several hormones important to sexual and reproductive functioning.
PLACENTA  look up translate image
A tube through which the developing fetus receives oxygen and nutrients from the mother and gets rid of waste products.
PLATEAU PHASE  look up translate image
Masters and Johnson's term for the second phase of sexual response, occurring just before orgasm.
PLATONIC  look up translate image
Not involving sex.
PLATONIC LOVE  look up translate image
Nonsexual love for another person.
PLAYING WITH ONESELF  look up translate image
Slang term for masturbation.
PLEASURE PRINCIPLE  look up translate image
In psychoanalytic theory, the principle that all organisms seek pleasure and avoid pain.
PLEASURING  look up translate image
Erotic touching.
PLETHYSMOGRAPH  look up translate image
A device used to measure physiological sexual arousal in the male.
PMS  look up translate image
An acronym for premenstrual syndrome.
A form of pneumonia that commonly appears in persons whose immune systems are highly suppressed such as those with AIDS.
POLAR BODY  look up translate image
In oogenesis, the smaller of two cells produced during meiosis.
POLYGAMY  look up translate image
Marriage in which a person has more than one spouse.
PORNOGRAPHY  look up translate image
Sexually oriented material that is not considered acceptable to the viewer; the same material when judged subjectively acceptable is often referred to as "erotica."
POSSLQ  look up translate image
Acronym for "person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters." A generic term for co-habitating couples whether homo- or hetero-sexual.
POSTPARTUM  look up translate image
The period of time following childbirth.
POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION  look up translate image
Depression experienced by some women following childbirth.
PRE-ECLAMPSIA  look up translate image
A condition that may occur to expectant mothers in the last trimester of pregnancy; symptoms include bloating, high blood pressure, and retention of toxic fluids.
PREMARITAL SEX  look up translate image
Sexual activities, especially sexual intercourse, prior to marriage.
PREMATURE EJACULATION  look up translate image
A sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to control or delay ejaculation as long as desired.
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