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RADICAL MASTECTOMY  look up translate image
A surgical treatment for breast cancer in which the entire breast, as well as the underlying muscle and lymph nodes, are removed.
RAPE  look up translate image
Forcible sexual relations with an individual without that person's consent under actual or threatened force.
RAPE-TRAUMA SYNDROME  look up translate image
The emotional consequences that a victim experiences after being raped.
REFRACTORY PERIOD  look up translate image
The period of time in men immediately following ejaculation, during which further erection or orgasm is not possible; not present in the female's sexual response cycle.
RELAXIN  look up translate image
A hormone produced by the placenta that increases flexibility in the ligaments and joints of the pelvic area to assist in childbirth.
REPRODUCTIVE BIAS  look up translate image
The belief of some individuals that procreation is the sole purpose for sex.
REPRODUCTIVE SUCCESS  look up translate image
The extent to which organisms are able to survive long enough to pass on their genes to successive generations.
RESOLUTION PHASE  look up translate image
Masters and Johnson's term for the last phase of sexual response, in which the body returns to the unaroused state.
RETARDED EJACULATION  look up translate image
A sexual dysfunction in which the male is unable to have an orgasm despite sufficient arousal and stimulation.
RETROGRADE EJACULATION  look up translate image
A condition in which, during orgasm in the male, the semen is expelled backward into the bladder rather than out of the urethral opening.
RETROVIRUS  look up translate image
A virus capable of altering the normal genetic writing process, causing the host cell to replicate the virus instead of itself. HIV is an example of such a virus.
RHYTHM METHOD  look up translate image
A method of contraception that involves abstaining from sexual intercourse during the fertile days of the woman's menstrual cycle each month.
RIMMING  look up translate image
Slang term for annilingus.
RU-486  look up translate image
An oral, postcoital birth control method that works by causing expulsion of the conceptus.
RUBBER  look up translate image
Slang term for condom.
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