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S&M  look up translate image
Abbreviation for sadomasochism.
SADISM  look up translate image
A sexual variation in which the person derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain on someone else.
SADOMASOCHISM (S&M)  look up translate image
A popular, nonclinical term for behaviors that involve both sexual sadism as well as masochism, often in a consensual, role-playing manner.
SAFER SEX  look up translate image
Sexual activities that do not involve the exchange of bodily fluids. Used to prevent the transmission of diseases such as HIV.
SALPINGITIS  look up translate image
Infection of the fallopian tubes.
SALTPETER  look up translate image
A diuretic that was once believed (incorrectly) to prevent boys from masturbating.
SARCOPTES SCABIEI  look up translate image
The mite that causes scabies.
SATYRIASIS  look up translate image
A pejorative, unscientific term that is used to refer to sexual behavior or desire in men that is considered "excessive" or "abnormal.". It is the male analogue of the more common term "nymphomania."
SCABIES  look up translate image
An contagious skin condition that characterized by an intensely itchy rash and caused by a barely visible mite that burrows under the skin.
SCREW  look up translate image
Slang term for intercourse.
SCRIPTS  look up translate image
Unconscious, socially and culturally determined plans that individuals use to organize and guide their behavior.
SCROTUM  look up translate image
The pouch of skin that contains the testes.
SECONDARY SEX CHARACTERISTICS  look up translate image
The physical characteristics other than the sex organs, that distinguish men from women (e.g. breasts, facial hair, etc.)
SECRETORY PHASE  look up translate image
The phase of the menstrual cycle during which the endometrium begins to prepare for the arrival of a fertilized ovum
SEMEN  look up translate image
The alkaline fluid expelled from the penis during ejaculation, containing fluids combined from several glands as well as sperm.
SEMINAL FLUID  look up translate image
Another term for semen.
SEMINAL VESICLES  look up translate image
One of two glands lying on either side of the prostate which secrete much of the fluid in semen.
SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES  look up translate image
Tightly coiled tubules in the testes that manufacture sperm.
SENSATE FOCUS  look up translate image
An exercise prescribed by sex therapists that concentrates on touch and the giving and receiving of pleasure in a nondemand situation as opposed to focusing on intercourse and achieving orgasm.
SERIAL MONOGAMY  look up translate image
An increasingly common form of dating and marriage in which a person mates with just one other person at a time but then ends that relationship and forms another.
SEROCONVERSION  look up translate image
The process by which a person develops antibodies.
SEROSTATUS  look up translate image
The absence or presence of antibodies for a particular antigen.
SEX FLUSH  look up translate image
A rash that appears on the skin during sexual arousal due to vasocongestion.
SEX GUILT  look up translate image
A sense of guilt resulting from the violation of personal standards of proper sexual behavior.
SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY  look up translate image
Surgery which alters the physical characteristics of an individual of one gender to resemble that of the other.
SEX ROLE  look up translate image
Less used term for gender role.
SEX TOY  look up translate image
A device, such as a vibrator or dildo, designed to enhance sexual pleasure.
SEX-CHANGE OPERATION  look up translate image
The surgery done on transsexuals to change their anatomy to that of the other gender.
SEXOLOGIST  look up translate image
A professional who studies sexual science.
SEXOLOGY  look up translate image
The scientific study of sexuality.
SEXUAL AGGRESSION  look up translate image
Any kind of sexual activity against a person's will.
SEXUAL AROUSAL DISORDER  look up translate image
Failure to obtain or maintain erection or vaginal lubrication, despite adequate interest and stimulation.
SEXUAL AVERSION DISORDER  look up translate image
A dysfunction characterized by extreme dislike and avoidance of sexual activities.
SEXUAL COERCION  look up translate image
A broad term referring to any kind of sexual activity that is forced on another person through the use of force, pressure, alcohol and drugs, or authority.
SEXUAL DOUBLE STANDARD  look up translate image
The view that a particular behavior is acceptable for one gender but not the other.
SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION  look up translate image
A difficulty with sexual responding that causes a person subjective distress (e.g. anorgasmia).
SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT  look up translate image
Improvement or enrichment of sexual relationships among otherwise healthy, well-functioning individuals.
SEXUAL HARASSMENT  look up translate image
The use of status and/or power for sexual ends.
SEXUAL IDENTITY  look up translate image
A person's sense of their sexual orientation, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.
SEXUAL MASOCHISM  look up translate image
A sexual variation in which the individual derives sexual pleasure from experiencing pain.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION  look up translate image
The pattern of sexual, social, romantic, cognitive and emotional attraction based on the gender of one's partner.
SEXUAL SADISM  look up translate image
A sexual variation in which the individual derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain.
SEXUAL SELECTION  look up translate image
An evolutionary theory used sometimes in an attempt to explain gender differences.
SEXUAL SURROGATE  look up translate image
A member of a sex therapy team whose has sexual interactions with a client as part of their therapy.
SEXUAL VARIATION  look up translate image
Sexual behavior that is not part of the norms for a given culture; atypical sexuality.
SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL  look up translate image
Material that graphically depicts sexual activities.
SEXUALLY ORIENTED MATERIAL  look up translate image
Materials such as photographs, videos, films, magazines, CD-ROMs or books whose primary themes or depictions involve sex.
SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES  look up translate image
Those illness that are communicated to another person via sexual contact.
SHAFT  look up translate image
The body of the penis.
SKENE'S GLANDS  look up translate image
Glands opening into the urethra.
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