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VACUUM ASPIRATION  look up translate image
A form of abortion utilized in the first trimester in which a vacuum suction is used to remove the conceptus and other tissue from the uterus.
VAGINA  look up translate image
The tube-shaped muscular organ in the female into which the penis is inserted during intercourse and through which a baby passes during birth.
VAGINISMUS  look up translate image
A sexual dysfunction characterized by strong, involuntary muscle spasms around the vaginal entrance, preventing the insertion of a penis.
VAGINITIS  look up translate image
An inflammation or irritation of the vagina, often due to infection.
VARICOCELES  look up translate image
Enlarged or damaged veins leading to the testes or vas deferens; it is a major cause of male infertility.
VAS DEFERENS  look up translate image
The ducts through which sperm pass from the testes to the urethra.
VASECTOMY  look up translate image
A surgical procedure for male sterilization in which the vas deferens is severed or tied.
VASOCONGESTION  look up translate image
An accumulation of blood in the genital region (causing swelling or erection) due to sexual excitation.
VENEREAL DISEASE  look up translate image
A disease transmitted primarily by sexual contact.
VIRGIN  look up translate image
A person who has never had sexual intercourse.
VIRGINITY  look up translate image
The state of never having had sexual intercourse.
VOYEURISM  look up translate image
A sexual variation in which a person derives sexual pleasure from watching others nude or having sexual intercourse (often without their knowledge).
VULVA  look up translate image
The collective term for the external female genitals.
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