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'TWEEN DECKS  look up translate image
The space between any decks.
ABACK  look up translate image
Condition of sail when the wind pressure is on the leeward or forward side, with sails backed or trimmed to windward (wind on the wrong side of the sails) Also known as "backwinded"
ABAFT  look up translate image
Behind or aft of; on the after side of; towards the stern relative to some other object or position.
ABAFT THE BEAM  look up translate image
Any direction between the beam and the stern, more behind a vessel than in front of it. Behind a perpendicular line extending out from the middle of the boat
ABEAM  look up translate image
At right angles to the the fore and aft line of the boat, or beside, the boat; on the beam; also Abreast.
ABLE BODIED SEAMEN  look up translate image
A member of the deck crew who is able to perform all the duties of an experienced seamen; certificated by examination; must have three years sea service. Also called Able Seamen and A.B.
ABOARD  look up translate image
On or in a vessel. Close aboard is close to another ship or an obstruction
ABOUT  look up translate image
Across the wind in relation to the bow. When a sailboat tacks across the wind to bring it from one side to the other, she is said to go about.
ABOUT SHIP  look up translate image
The order to tack the ship
ABOVE  look up translate image
Board - Above the deck, and therefore open and visible. This gave rise to the term used to denote open and fair dealing.
ABOVE DECK  look up translate image
On the deck (not over it; see ALOFT).
ABOX  look up translate image
To lay the head-yards abox in a square rigged sailing vessel was to lay them square to the foremast in order to heave-to.
ABREAST  look up translate image
Alongside of; on the beam.
ABS  look up translate image
American Bureau of Shipping: A U.S. based private classification, or standards setting society for merchant ships and other marine systems.
ABYSS  look up translate image
That part of the ocean lying below 300 fathoms from the surface.
ACCESS HOLE  look up translate image
A hole through casing, bulkhead, floor or deck to enable one to reach work or gear.
ACCOMMODATION  look up translate image
A cabin fitted for the use of passengers.
ADDENDUM  look up translate image
Additional terms at the end of a charter party.
ADMEASUREMENT  look up translate image
The confirmed or official dimensions of a ship.
ADMIRAL  look up translate image
The title of a commander of a fleet or a subdivision of it.
ADMIRALTY LAW  look up translate image
The law of the sea; jurisdiction over maritime causes.
ADMIRALTY SWEEP  look up translate image
A large, cautious turn made to approach a gangway or to come alongside a vessel or jetty in a boat.
ADORNINGS  look up translate image
The gingerbread woodwork on the stern of old sailing ships.
ADRIFT  look up translate image
Floating free with the currents and tide; said of a free floating object or boat which can not move by its own power; floating at random.
ADVANTAGE  look up translate image
Method of reeving a tackle in order to gain the maximum increase in power.
ADVECTION FOG  look up translate image
Can occur any time warm, moist air blows over a surface cool enough to drop it's temperature below the dew point.
ADVENTURE  look up translate image
Consignments of cargo sent abroad in a ship to be sold or bartered by the master to best advantage or when the opportunity arises.
AERODYNAMIC  look up translate image
Having a shape that that is not adversely affected by wind flowing past it.
AFT  look up translate image
At, near or towards the stern; to move aft is to move back
AFTER  look up translate image
leading - Said of a line that leads from its point of attachment towards the stern of the ship.
AFTER BOW SPRING LINE  look up translate image
A mooring line fixed to the bow of the boat and leading aft where it is attached to the dock. This prevents the boat from moving forward in its berth. Its opposite, the forward quarter spring line, is used to keep the boat from moving aft in its berth.
AFTER HATCHWAY  look up translate image
The hatchway nearest the stern.
AFTERCABIN  look up translate image
In a ship with multiple cabins, the cabin closest to the stern.
AFTERMAST  look up translate image
In a sailing ship carrying multiple masts, the mast set closest to the stern.
AFTERMOST  look up translate image
The farthest aft.
AFTERPART  look up translate image
The part of the boat behind the beam.
AGAINST THE SUN  look up translate image
Anti-clockwise circular motion. Left-handed ropes are coiled down in this way.
AGE OF THE TIDE  look up translate image
The interval between full moon and change of moon and the highest high tide.
AGENCY FEE  look up translate image
A fee charged to the ship by the ship's agent, representing payment for services while the ship was in port. Sometimes called attendance fee.
AGENT  look up translate image
See Ship's Port Agent
AGONIC LINE  look up translate image
Lines on the Earths surface joining point where there is no magnetic variation.
AGROUND  look up translate image
When the hull or keel is touching or fast to the bottom of any body of water; on or onto the shore.
AHEAD  look up translate image
In front of the vessel, forward; in a forward direction; opposite of astern.
AHOY  look up translate image
Seaman's call to attract attention.
AHT (ANCHOR HANDLING TUG)  look up translate image
- Moves anchors and tow drilling vessels, lighters and similar.
AHULL  look up translate image
Lying almost beam on to strong winds and being driven before them while under bare poles (without sails up). The helm is lashed so as to point the vessel into the wind, but it continually falls away because of the pressure of the wind. It is a technique for riding out storms.
AID TO NAVIGATION (ATON)  look up translate image
Any fixed object that a navigator may use to find his position, such as permanent land or sea markers, buoys, radiobeacons, and lighthouses, and to indicate safe and unsafe waters.
AIDS TO NAVIGATION  look up translate image
Artificial objects to supplement natural landmarks indicating safe and unsafe waters.
ALADDIN CLEAT  look up translate image
A cleat that attaches to the backstay over the cockpit, usually used for hanging a lantern
ALBATROSS  look up translate image
Large and long-winged seabird of the southern hemisphere capable of long flights. It was believed among seamen that albatrosses embodied the souls of dead sailors, and it was considered unlucky to kill one.
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