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***WARNING  look up translate image
G Codes have different uses and functions from one Machine Tool Builder [MTB] to another, use caution when changing to unfamiliar machines!
A-AXIS  look up translate image
The axis of circular motion of a machine tool member or slide about the X-axis. Values along the A-axis are degrees of rotation about the X-axis.
ABSOLUTE SYSTEM  look up translate image
A numerical control system in which all positional dimensions, both input and feedback, are given with reference to a common datum point.
ACAD  look up translate image
see AutoCAD
ACIS  look up translate image
component software that provides a solid modeling "engine" (also called a "kernal" ) used by many commercial and research organizations as the core of CAD/CAM/CAE applications. Creates models in the SAT format. (Note ACIS is not an acronym). (Spatial Technology Corp.)See also component software, Parasolid
ACTIVATION CODE  look up translate image
(also 'authorization code') - a sequence of characters supplied by the software vendor after proving the purchase of the given software license; this code activates the license allowing to use the software further
ACTIVEX  look up translate image
a set of technologies that enable interactive content over the Web. With ActiveX, developers can create visual software components in any language that can be embedded into forms and Web pages. ActiveX controls are built onCOM, DCOM, and OLE. (Microsoft Corp.) See also COM, DCOM, OLE
ACTM  look up translate image
ACTion Macro - AutoCAD action recorder macro file format
ADP  look up translate image
ADP - drawing file format
ADSK  look up translate image
.ADSK - Autodesk exchange format (since versions 2010) based on XML, used e.g. to exchange CAD models between Inventor - Revit - Civil 3D (ADSK = also the Autodesk ticker symbol)
ADT  look up translate image
see Architectural Desktop
ADVANCED GRAPHICS PORT (AGP)  look up translate image
an extension of Intel's PCI bus. This dedicated port directly links the system graphics to system memory to speed graphics display. AGP runs at 66 MHz, at twice the speed of the PCI bus. (Intel Corp.)See also PCI
AJAX  look up translate image
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML - web scripting technology (client/server)
ALGORITHM  look up translate image
A computational method for solving problems. Much like a recipe in cooking, or a plan of attack in the military. Developing the algorithm in machining is the pre-planning process that creates the orderly procedure formachining processes to occur.
ALPHA SOFTWARE  look up translate image
though there's no formal definition, this term generally refers to an early working version of software that is being tested internally by its developer. After this phase, the software will often undergo beta testing by end users.See also Beta software
ALPHANUMERIC  look up translate image
A system of code that consists of the characters A-Z and numerals 0-9.
ANALOG  look up translate image
Pertaining to a system that that uses electrical voltage magnitudes or ratios to represent physical axis positions.
ANALYST  look up translate image
A person skilled in the development and definition of techniques to solve problems.
ANIMATED GIF  look up translate image
a GIF image that includes a number of frames that are played back rapidly to create an animation. Used mostly in Web applications.See also Graphics Interchange Format, World-Wide Web
ANSI  look up translate image
American National Standards Institute - US industry standards authority
ANTI-ALIASING  look up translate image
a technique for smoothing jagged lines on a graphics display.
APF  look up translate image
(Aruba Packet File) file format of Autodesk Showcase models
APPLET  look up translate image
a small program that generally provides a specific function, such as a calculator. Often associated with programs written in Java and downloaded over the Web.See also Java
the standard set of functions provided by a program, operating system, or piece of hardware. APIs are typically used to provide independence and division of labor. Two programs or systems that are integrated via an API can both be individually altered and still work together so long as both conform to the same API.
APT PROGRAMMING  look up translate image
Automatically Programmed Tools. A universal computer assisted programming system for multi-axis contouring programming. The original NC programming system, developed for AeroSpace, first used in building andmanufacturing military equipment.
ARC CLOCKWISE--G02  look up translate image
An arc generated by coordinated motion between two axes. Curvature of the arc is clockwise with respect to the part and the cartesian planes.
ARC COUNTERCLOCKWISE  look up translate image
G03-An arc generated by coordinated motion between two axes. Curvature of the arc is counter-clockwise with respect to the part and the cartesian planes.
ARCHITECTURAL DESKTOP  look up translate image
Autodesk Architectural Desktop (now AutoCAD Architecture) - architectural and civil engineering application by Autodesk, based on AutoCAD kernel and AEC objects
a broad term for the segment of the CAD market that encompasses architecture, building, construction, structural engineering, civil engineering, mapping, and geographic information systems.
ARX  look up translate image
Autocad Runtime eXtension - compiled AutoCAD add-on application file (most often programmed in C++)
ASCII  look up translate image
(American Standard Code for Information Exchange) A data transmission code that has been established as an American Standard by the American Standards Association.
ASPECT RATIO  look up translate image
the ratio of width to height for a graphics display.
ASSOCIATIVITY  look up translate image
a link between two different functions or modules in a CAD system, such that when a change is made to one area, related areas are updated as well. For instance, a 3D model can be associated with drawings so that a change in the model is reflected in the drawings. Bi-directional associativity means that the updates happen both way no matter where the change was made, i.e. from function A to function B as well as function B to function A.Auxiliary Function--M Codes-A programming function used in CNC...(more)
ATIL  look up translate image
Autodesk Technical Imaging Library - interface to the raster engine used in AutoCAD and other Autodesk software
AUGI  look up translate image
Autodesk User Group International (www.augi.com)
AUTOCAD  look up translate image
AutoCAD - a general 2D/3D CAD application by Autodesk; world's most used CAD program; platform for add-on applications (see www.autodesk.com/autocad)
AUTOCAD ARCHITECTURE  look up translate image
(formerly Architectural Desktop) - architectural and civil engineering application by Autodesk, based on AutoCAD kernel and AEC objects
AUTOCAD WS  look up translate image
AutoCAD WorkSpace/WebService - mobile version of AutoCAD for iPad, iPod and iPhone (Apple iOS) using the cloud technology Butterfly
AUTOLISP  look up translate image
see LISP
AXIS  look up translate image
A principal direction along which the relative movements of a tool or work piece occur. Three linear axes, occurring at 90 degree angles from each other, named X, Y and Z.
AXIS INHIBIT  look up translate image
A feature of an NC unit that enables the operator to withhold command information from a machine tool slide.
AXIS INVERSION  look up translate image
The reversal of plus and minus values along an axis. Mirror imaging is used to make a left-handed part from a right-handed tool path. When axis inversion is used circular interpolation is also reversed.
AXONOMETRIC  look up translate image
a drawing technique which represents 3D objects on a 2D medium (paper); verticals are drawn to scale, dialogal dimensions are distorted (isometric, dimetric and trimetric projection)
BACKLASH  look up translate image
A relative movement between interacting mechanical parts as a result of looseness.Batch Processing--Technique in which items to be processed must be coded and collected into groups prior to processing. B-Axis--The axis of circular motion of a machine tool member or slide about the Y-Axis.
BCL  look up translate image
Basic Control Language ...EIA/ANSI 494. A CNC controller language.Block--A single line of NC code is a block, a block represents sufficient information to a CNC machine to perform a single line or arc movement.
BENCHMARK (NOUN)  look up translate image
standard measure of performance, typically for computing and graphics hardware.
BENCHMARK (VERB)  look up translate image
process of evaluating hardware and software to select the most appropriate product.
BETA SOFTWARE  look up translate image
though there's no formal definition, this term generally refers to a new release of software that is being tested by end users. Typically, end users do not pay for Beta releases. During this phase, developers learn about bugs and fix them prior to the software's official release.See also alpha software, beta testing
BETA TESTING  look up translate image
generally, the process of having users test an early version of a new or revised program.See also beta software, alpha software
BEZIER CURVE  look up translate image
polynomial used to describe complex curves and surfaces. The location of midpoints controls the shape of a Bezier curve.
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